Check Out WORKSHOP’s Season 2 Finale!

The season finale of WORKSHOP’s hilarious second season, “Whatever it Takes,”  is now available on Hulu! Vivian (Leanne Wilson) and Sarah (Audra Marie) find themselves without an agent. Kaitlyn’s (Kimberly Legg) told to do “whatever” it takes to get a SAG voucher. Will she finally get the break she’s been hoping for?

  Urban Tiger’s Adam (Phillip Jeanmarie) helps promote a charity to improve his image. Matthew gets caught stealing pot. Jeff (Nate Golon) is faced with eating an entire cow on The Biggest Gainer.  Will he do it? Also, be sure to check out WORKSHOP season 2 bloopers at the end of the episode. 

At Long Last, Marie Wilson’s WORKSHOP Eppy!!!

If you’ve missed Marie Wilson since As the World Turns went off the air, be sure to tune in for this week’s episode of WORKSHOP! In it Phillip Jeanmarie’s Adam tries to improve his public image by looking for a charity he can support. Wilson’s character, legal eagle Katie Simpson, introduces him to Anti Pave L.A., but reveals they have concerns about his alleged drug problem. Meanwhile, Jeff (Nate Golon) has signed on to The Biggest Gainer, a reality competition where the contestant who gains the most weight wins $100,000. Watch this week’s WORSKHOP after the jump!

DC #612: Talking WORKSHOP on The Morning Jolt With Larry Flick

On today Tuesday March 22 Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens and Luke Kerr returned to The Morning Jolt With Larry Flick and Keith Price to talk about the second season of WORKSHOP, which premieres on Hulu on March 29.

During the first hour Larry, Keith, Jamey and Luke discuss the tragic killing of General Hospital’s baby Jake and the reports of All My Children’s possible cancellation. During the second hour, WORKSHOP co-creator Nate Golon and WORKSHOP star and Passions alum Phillip Jeanmarie join the party to preview the upcoming season of Workshop, their characters and what inspired the comedic webseries.

In the final half hour Larry, Keith, Jamey and Luke discuss the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars, season finale of Pretty Little Liars and the latest from Showtime’s Shameless.


BREAKING NEWS: Hulu to Distribute Second Season of WORKSHOP!

Well peeps, Luke and I have some really exciting news to share with you. The second season of Nate Golon's insanely-funny, independent TV series WORKSHOP has been picked up for distribution on Hulu! Golon, who co-created the series with Kimberly Legg, signed on the dotted line late this past week. We couldn't be happier for our boy, especially since Luke and I are associate producers on this season, so a victory for WORKSHOP is a victory for the entire Daytime Confidential/Pop Confidential family!

I caught up with Golon, who also stars in the series as struggling actor Jeff Reynolds, for an exclusive sneak peek at Season Two of WORKSHOP, which will debut sometime in mid-to-late March (Actual premiere date TBA). If you thought the first season of WORKSHOP was jam-packed with spit-out-your-vodka-all-over-your-keyboard moments for Jeff and his motley crew of struggling thesps (including Passions' alum Phillip Jeanmarie as Jeff's scene-stealing roommate Adam), you ain't downloaded nothing yet! Just wait 'till you see the arc featuring That 70's Show's Don Stark! But don't think it's all hijinks; Golon has added plenty of soapy drama this time around, not to mention soapy stars, like As The World Turns' Marie Wilson (NutMeg). If you don't believe me, keep reading and find out for yourself!

Daytime Confidential: Dude, congrats on the Hulu deal! How did it come about?

Nate Golon: Thanks so much! Getting the Hulu deal was months in the making. When we were still in production on Season Two of WORKSHOP in October 2010, a friend of mine, Canyon Prince, contacted me and told me he was running the first ever New Media Day at the Anaheim International Film Festival, and asked if I wanted to include WORKSHOP. We put together a 10-minute first episode of Season Two, and previewed it in Anaheim. I met a guy named Keith Knee, who had helped make another web series, Blue Movies, one of the most watched shows on the Internet. Keith told me he really liked the show, and though we could present it to Hulu. Four months later, with Keith's help and advice, and the help of another associate of mine, Garrett Law at Attention Span Media, Season 2 was picked up!

Passions’ Phillip Jeanmarie and ATWT’s Marie “NutMeg” Wilson Battle it Out in WORKSHOP Promo!

Oh my damn. Our boy Nate Golon, creator and star of WORKSHOP, has outdone himself with this hilarious promo for the upcoming second season of WORKSHOP. The spot features two members of WORKSHOP's season two cast, known for playing the heck out of some soap opera psychos. One look at this clip and you'll see why Luke Kerr and I jumped at the chance to sign on to officially lend WORKSHOP a little support. Check out Passions' alum Phillip Jeanmarie and As The World Turns' Marie "NutMeg" Wilson (who will also appear in this season of The Bay) arm wrestling for soap nut supremacy after the jump. Season Two of WORKSHOP premieres this December!

Check Out Season Two Teasers for WORKSHOP: The Series! (With Luke and Jamey as Associate Producers!)

Hey guys, Luke and I have some exciting news! After growing weary of only talking about what's wrong with this show or that one, we decided to put our money and our input where our keyboards were by signing on as associate producers for the second season of WORKSHOP: The Series. We're letting you know this up front, since we cover/critique other web series.

We fully believe that the future is on the web (It is where we are ain't it?), so we plan to help our peeps Nate Golon and Kimberly Legg by doing whatever we can to help promote, sell and find sponsors for their insanely-funny series. Passions alum Phillip Jeanmarie will be reprising the role of Jeff's (Golon) quick-to-go-off actor pal Adam and a second daytime name recently signed on (see next post). Anyhoo, we hope you enjoy the second season of WORKSHOP when it rolls out this December. Until then, check out two teaser clips for the show below!

Check Out Trailer for Generation U, From The Creator of WORKSHOP!

From the mind of Nate Golon, co-creator of the smart, funny web dramedy WORKSHOP comes Generation U, a soapy new project, dealing with how the current U.S. economic crisis and rampant unemployment affects a group of twentysomethings.

"Generation U is the story of four Americans struggling with the reality of our country's unemployment situation," says Golon, who in additon to writing and producing the pilot for Generation U, stars in the vehicle. "It's about what happens when the things you're raised to do, and told to be, no longer exist."

While Golon initially created Generation U as a series pilot, he says there is now interest in him doing the project as a feature film.