Alison Snyder

As the World Turns Preview: Alison in Danger

The election battle between Luke (Van Hansis) and his former crush Kevin (Karl Girolamo) takes a dark path on Wednesday's episode of As the World Turns. Kevin's campaign team has kidnapped Alison (Marnie Schulenberg), without Kevin's knowledge, after they found out that she was a spy sent by Luke's campaign manager Casey (Billy Magnussen). In the previews at the end of the show we saw that Alison ends up in Old Town in her underwear.

Was it really necessary to humiliate yet another female character? Aren't women 18-49 the target audience? I can't believe women (or anyone) find it entertaining to keep watching all these women getting humiliated.

But apart from this latest twist, I'm really enjoying this storyline. It's so great to see the younger group of Luke, Noah (Jake Silbermann), Casey and Alison interacting with each other in this story. Like they actually live in the same town and know each other!

A Safe Harbor in Troubled Times

Emma Snyder

In a world where the stock market is crashing, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs decide they would be better off as banks, the price of a barrel of oil jumps $16 in one day, and a Federal bailout plan threatens to balloon between $700 billion and a trillion dollars or more, everyone needs a little Emma Snyder in their lives.

I thought today was a strong episode of As the World Turns. The Chris/Alison/Aaron triangle continued to make less and less sense given that we (the online "we") know that Dylan Bruce is leaving as Chris Hughes while the "Who's The Baby Daddy?" story line is apparently ramping up. Lily and Holden got closer after bringing Ethan home from the hospital. Derek made an outrageous request of Bonnie to be his lawyer, which she wisely refused (although we know Paul is going to rope her into it to help find Meg). Colleen Zenk Pinter was phenomenal with the little bit that Barbara was given to do. Dallas increased his line count to about eight while Ethan officially became The Cutest Kid on Daytime.

But the pure pleasure for today was Kathleen Widdoes as Emma. She certainly wasn't the star of today's show. She's not hip. She doesn't fit the desired 18-34 demographic. She's not a size 0 and she's not a hair model, but that's the point. READ MORE

Lipstick on a Pig

Greetings, cherubs! 'Tis I once again. I wanted to take a quick moment to clear up a little confusion that was stirred up my inaugural post: my name, or rather, what to call me. Regular posters on the blogs here have known me as "DS9Sisko," but the switch to my real name for blogging purposes led to a bit of puzzlement. Now, I admit I have been called rather unprintable names over the years (many of which were in foreign languages), but after some consideration I think it would simplify things if folk called me either "DS9" or Bernard. None of those unprintable names though, specifically the ones in ancient Celtic or Mayan. Now...

The Story So Far: Ex-meth addict/porn star/nursing student Alison Stewart (Marnie Schulenburg) of the Permanently Dysfunctional Stewart Women, just got hitched to teenage sweetheart and all around good guy Aaron Snyder (Agim Kaba) of the Upstanding Salt of The Earth Holier Than Thou Snyder Clan, right after doing the horizontal mambo with maybe-maybe-not-supposed-to-be-edgy good guy Dr. Chris Hughes of The Pillars of Society Hughes of Oakdale. READ MORE