Billy Abbott

Jack Vs. Victor and Jabot Spoilers

Jack's plan for Victor and his quest to regain the family company Jabot start to take shape on The Young and the Restless. Jack cajoles baby brother Billy to get a job at Jabot in order to have him as his inside man. Lucky for Jack, Billy's mom decides to give him a job and the coup gets underway.

The next agenda for Smilin' Jack: the demise of archrival Victor Newman. He and ally Adam visit a publisher and try to shop a sensationalized book based on Victor and how crazy he's gotten. The publisher decides to pass on the book, then Jack and Adam up the ante by producing Victor's Mexican journal that backs up their claims of Victor's mental capacity. The publisher gets hustled by Jack and Adam since the journal has a few notes from Victor and the rest were forged by Adam.

The plan may derail after Adam decides he has a conscience after all and starts to rethink his position since he doesn't want to end up just like Victor. Unfortunately for him, Jack still wants to push forward.

Jack decides to keep mum about his dirty dealings to Sharon due to him doubting her loyalty and not being trustworthy of her stance.

Fans that love the rivalry of Jack and Victor are going to wonder if Smilin' Jack will finally come out on top against The Black Knight. It does look like Victor has a hand in the death of mob man Walter and even Victor isn't above the law when it comes to murder.

Young and Restless: Abbott Dumpling Gang Reunites

It looks like the guest list for the Abbott Family Reunion appears to be growing on The Young and the Restless, as Jerry Douglas will be back onscreen Sept. 11. No word yet on if Douglas will portray the ghost of Abbott patriarch John or John's lookalike Alistair. As previously reported, ex-All My Children star Billy Miller has been cast as the youngest Abbott son Billy, Beth Maitland has been tapped to reappear as novelist daughter Traci and Eileen Davidson is returning as Ashley.

Last week Soap Opera Digest reported Davidson, whose character has been on Y&R's sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful, would be returning to Genoa City for good however, Digest's sister publication Soap Opera Weekly is now reporting Davidson will only be back in a recurring capacity. Both magazines confirm Davidson will be part of the upcoming Paris location shoot this October.

Could GH's ex-Logan be Cane's new little bro on Y&R?

Soap Opera Digest
is reporting a casting call has gone out for "Will" on The Young and the Restless. Speculation is the role will prove a recast for Billy Abbott, the role made famous by David Tom then played by some other guys who I can't remember at the moment.

Apparently recently-ousted General Hospital hunk Josh Duhon is the front runner for the role. While I would love to see a legacy character like Billy (son of the late John and Jill Abbott, half brother of Jack and Cane, uncle of Colleen, grandson of Kay)  back in Genoa City, I am having trouble seeing rough-around-the-edges Duhon as a Walnut Academy graduate/trust fund kid (Even if the casting call says "Will" doesn't like to make a big deal about being loaded). But wouldn't Duhon make an awesome recast for farm boy-turned Wall Street schemer Adam Newman?