Daniel Jonas

Random DAYS Thoughts

Sorry this is late, I've only just managed to catch up on Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's episodes (Friday's thoughts to come later).

Wednesday's Episode - 10.01.08

Caroline:  It's not looking good for Caroline - only her prints on the murder weapon and the DA is going to press charges.  The fibers found at the scene are of a cotton blend, so that's no help clearing her at this stage.  I bet they end up belonging to Max - even though he's innocent of the murder as well (in my opinion). 

Victor: I like that Victor wants to help Caroline and it does seem as though they are moving towards a Caroline/Victor re-pairing.  I guess enough time has passed since Grandpa Shawn died? READ MORE

What is your soap name?

Have you ever imagined playing a character on your favorite soap and going toe-to-to with the likes of Victor Newman, Erica Kane or Brooke Logan? Have you imagined falling in love with, or having a torrid affair, with a character like Shawn Christian's Daniel Jonas (wink wink Nicki), Brandon Beemer's Owen Knight, Van Hansis' Luke Snyder, Kelly Monaco's Sam McCall or Kirsten Storms Maxie Jones?

Here's something fun to do on a Friday while you are waiting for the clock to count down to the weekend.

Determine what your soap charater's name would be by combining your middle name with the name of the street you grew up on. Then give a brief description of what type of character he or she would be and who you'd like to see them paired with and who would you like to see be their biggest rival. Would she be a vixen or a good girl? Would he be a corporate shark or a hunky detective?  Let your imagination be your inspiration.