Dusty Donovan

To Shag or Not to Shag

Barbara, Nuke & Josie

The following post contains salty language. Not safe for work. Not safe for kids. Not safe for pets. You have been duly warned!

The key to watching the NASCAR race that is As the World Turns is to latch onto whatever stories are playing, find the good, the bad and the ugly on any given day or week and hang on for dear life. With all the refueling, pit stops, tire changes, sharp curves, unexpected tune ups and occasional pile ups, by the time Head Writer Jean Passanante and Executive Producer Chris Goutman put the pedal to the metal on the storyline racetrack, it sometimes feels like someone is waving a checkered flag at the finish line while simultaneously getting ready to fire the start gun for the next race to begin.

In fact, it would seem that neither Passanante nor Goutman (with an assist from Barbara Bloom) have a firm handle on what's working and what's not working from week to week. The good part is that stories and some characters that aren't working are over and out sooner rather than later. The bad part is that stories and often characters that are working are over sooner rather than later, too. The rain, it seems, falls on the guilty and innocent alike. READ MORE

Dusty Bowl

Holden & Dusty

Has any recently returned character on soaps been shoehorned into more stories off the bat than Dusty Donovan?

The brilliant Emily and Casey pairing clearly was sacrificed at the altar of an Emily/Dusty redux.

Paul and Meg are once again threatened by Dusty, this time mainly as a result of Paul's insane jealousy, not to mention Dusty always managing to stick his nose in their business.

Lily and Holden were supposedly on the road to reconciliation for the 149th time until Dusty popped back up.

Now Dusty has purchased controlling shares of Worldwide from Lucinda in a logic defying character twist for her (as a result of a couple of words from Brian that she live her own life, which has no real relationship to Lucinda as a businesswoman) that rings completely false. READ MORE

Mike's WTF Moment: As the World Turns

Is this how it's done at the Naughty Nicki School of Nursing? "I need to take your temperature, please unbutton your shirt". It reminds me of a Golden Girls episode when Rose was describing how she had to strip for the veterinarian. One of her roommates piped up, "You got naked for the veterinarian?", to which she responded "I thought that was strange too". Gotta love gratuitous skin!

A Runaway Train

Brad & Spencer

This is what has been happening on As the World Turns:

A dangerously jealous and reckless Paul hired an unwitting young woman and her small son to impersonate Lucy and Johnny, both of whom Dusty is looking for after inheriting James Stenbeck's fortune. Emily, now reunited with Dusty (who recently returned from the dead), did major detective work and unearthed Paul's involvement, which in turn prompted Dusty to track down the young woman in New York and return to Oakdale to confront Paul. READ MORE

Where There's A Will

Today's episode of As the World Turns was a sterling example of what a good, rock solid soap can be from top to bottom when the stories told are driven by character and relationships, regardless of the plot mechanics involved. READ MORE

Welcome back, Lucinda!

Lucinda & Lily

I wasn't going to comment on today's episode of As the World Turns because I've been extremely busy, but two segments were so incredibly good that I couldn't help myself.

The first segment was Chris' goodbye scenes with Kim. Beautifully written and heartfelt, these are the kinds of scenes that the ATWT writers should be penning all the time. READ MORE