Is this Y&R or Hannah Freaking Montana?

The word Eden used to conjure up images of peace; Nirvana, the state, not the band (RIP Kurt); the star of Imaginary Bitches; long, flowing, crimped hair on the head of Marcy Walker; and the fabled garden where Eve tricked Adam into taking a bite.

Now, thanks to Y&R's casting director, it has come to symbolize a loud, grating, young adult actress who would be better suited on a Disney channel afternoon program than a soap opera. I am sorry I can't take it. There's only so much a fan can be expected to bear.

You're already bringing back that OTHER loud little girl— the one who sings— and now you have brought on this Eden character, Michael's little sister, to assault my ear drums. What, I ask you, did Tracey Bregman and I do to deserve this???? Okay, so I threw that McDonald's sack out of  the window of my Mustang a few years back, I'm SORRY already!  If Y&R is going to keep casting these loud, overacting little girls the least they can do is send a brutha some earplugs. Side Note: Why in high hell did Traci Abbott have those chopsticks in her hair?

I wonder if the Rubber Ducky is Imaginary Too?

There's a new pretend lady canine in town on tonight's episode of Imaginary Bitches and she has her make-believe sights set on Eden in a way that is much different from Catherine and Heather's complicated relationship with our plucky-yet-slightly in need of a good SSRI prescription heroine. For more news on IB, check out this week's The Sud's Report at TV Guide Canada.

And the Bride Wore Crazy!

Nice day for a Bat Shit Crazy Wedding.There's nothing like talk of a wedding to bring out  commitment phobia in the male of the species. When Lizzie finds out the hard way that Jake is a little weirded out by her life long ambition to obtain her MRS. degree things take quite the side splitting-yet-slightly frightening turn!

All I can say is if you thought Eden had, um issues, wait till you get a load of Lizzie! This episodes has not one, but two girls flying over the proverbial cuckoo's nest. (Wow, I managed two Nicholson references in one post, sweet!)

Imaginary Bitches creator Andrew Miller told us this episode would give Elizabeth Hendrickson a chance to showcase her comedic chops and once again he doesn't dissapoint. I will never look at a young girl creating a future wedding scrapbook again without a chuckle and the slightest bit of fear in my eyes. Check it out!