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Tuesday's episode 09.30.08

Awww... When there are real-live babies onscreen, they really steal the show.  How cute is Johnny?  How cute was EJ playing with Johnny?  I could barely pay attention to what Lucas and Sami were talking about in the scene pictured here - I tried to rewind and re-watch, but I'm still none the wiser.

I did pay close attention to EJami though.  Welcome back to my screen!  I've missed you guys - and you seem more like the EJami I remember too.  I'm really glad that Sami is being pro-active and doing something about gaining her independance back.  It saddened me to see Sami's self confidence so low though; how she braced herself for the inevitable comments about her hireability, and how she struggled to find something good about herself to write on her resume.  Somehow, I don't think four years of piano training and the ability to forge anyone's signature (even in the dark) are the type of admirable qualities an employer looks for.  But I loved EJ for his attempts to make Sami feel good about herself - and they shared a moment before Lucas interrupted... darn it! READ MORE

Days of Our Lives: Sexist Much?

So let me get this straight...Hope (Kristian Alfonso) turned down the Salem Police Commissioner position because it "wouldn't be fair to Bo and Ciara." But then Bo (Peter Reckell) turns right around and decides to pursue the position? I know Mad Men is all the rage right now, but when did the rest of television revert to the 1960's?

Is it "fair" to Hope and Ciara that Bo will have to spend "so much time" away from them as opposed to Hope? Why does Hope having a uterus mean she should be the one to sacrifice her career for home and family? Are we not living in a time when a woman just may soon be one of the leaders of the free world?

It would be so refreshing for the people in charge of this genre to realize that women are its target demographic. Women, who in an attempt to "have it all", have had to turn into Super Women since the Women's Movement, women who go out in droves to watch sexy, power women like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, not Bruce Willis blow things up. READ MORE

Days of Our Lives: Caption This...

PhotobucketUh oh!  It's all beauty and glamor being an actor on a tv show; that is, until someone takes a screencap of you mid-sentence in a scene. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... what do you think Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso, left) is really saying here?

Here's the first thing I thought of:

"Holy crap!  I do have great cheek bones... and look, I can almost roll my tongue... if I just tilt my head this way and purse my lips that way..." 

or how about:  "You think Days has been interesting lately??"

Let us know what your caption would be!

Thanks to Chit Chat Haven for this screencap from Wednesday's episode (6/25) of Days of Our Lives.