Jennifer Horton

You Have Changed Me

"You have changed me."

Those desperately uttered words have perfectly and succinctly summed up the sick, twisted and ultimately riveting story line of Todd and Marty on One Life to Live.

I use the word "riveting" in its purest sense: not to imply something that is entertaining or enjoyable for entertainment's sake alone, but rather as a thing that keeps our attention for better or worse, against whatever other instincts that might ask us to look away. In other words, this story line of compounded lies and grand delusion has kept many of us as glued to the screen as a car accident might induce a chronic case of rubbernecking or a nasty lover's quarrel in a supermarket might cause us to turn and watch. Yes, this is the story we thought "they" would never tell, but there is a question lurking just beneath the surface reactions for those fans titillated by the prospect of the loathsomely nicknamed "Tarty" and those other fans filled with disgust and anger:

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Days of Our Lives: The Supercouple Factor

This is all probably too good for words but I stumbled across this video which I thought I would share. Seeing as soaps today tend to struggle with the 'supercouple' factor, I got my hands on this video which I thought would use as a Days of Our Lives flashback.

Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves star as Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Rose Horton in a lookback at some of their memorable moments on the show. So many to highlight, but each and every scene here brings back the magic and relives what daytime's supercouples used to be like. To help push this video along, Beth Nielsen Chapman belts out her Jack and Jennifer theme "All I Have" and inturn brings to life the talent of some former Days of Our Lives stars.