Luke Snyder

As the World Turns Preview: Drunk Luke

Check out this preview scene from Wednesday's episode of As the World Turns. I feel sorry for Noah (Jake Silbermann). Luke (Van Hansis) is not a nice drunk. What was he thinking? Comparing Noah to his father? Still, I love the way Van plays this and couldn't help but laugh at the way Luke was acting.

To Shag or Not to Shag

Barbara, Nuke & Josie

The following post contains salty language. Not safe for work. Not safe for kids. Not safe for pets. You have been duly warned!

The key to watching the NASCAR race that is As the World Turns is to latch onto whatever stories are playing, find the good, the bad and the ugly on any given day or week and hang on for dear life. With all the refueling, pit stops, tire changes, sharp curves, unexpected tune ups and occasional pile ups, by the time Head Writer Jean Passanante and Executive Producer Chris Goutman put the pedal to the metal on the storyline racetrack, it sometimes feels like someone is waving a checkered flag at the finish line while simultaneously getting ready to fire the start gun for the next race to begin.

In fact, it would seem that neither Passanante nor Goutman (with an assist from Barbara Bloom) have a firm handle on what's working and what's not working from week to week. The good part is that stories and some characters that aren't working are over and out sooner rather than later. The bad part is that stories and often characters that are working are over sooner rather than later, too. The rain, it seems, falls on the guilty and innocent alike. READ MORE

ATWT'S Brian to Luke: "Come Give Paw-Paw Some SUGAH!"

File this one under too creepy for words
. While it took We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb to organize a campaign to get daytime's one-time hottest couple Luke and Noah to kiss for a second time, it seems all it really required for the young Snyder lad to get his tongue wrestle on was for the Proctor and Gamble soap to hire an actor old enough to be his father and have him plant one on him.

TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting that Brian (Laurence Lau) will kiss Luke next week, shortly after marrying the boy's cancer-stricken grandmother Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard) on As The Stomach Churns. Oh wait, that was the much more traditional and realistic Carol Burnett show version of a soap opera, forgive me, As The World Turns. READ MORE

Good Guy Gone Bad.... Again?

Old habits are hard to break,
especially for As the World Turns' Luke Snyder. Here's what Van Hansis had to say about his alter ego backsliding into his old ways and living up to his genetic makeup to Soap Opera Weekly.  

Weekly: There seems to be a habit of making core gay soap characters perfect, just so no one can ever find a wrong thing to say about them. Yet it's flaws that help make someone a more relatable character.

Hansis: That's the point of the story. When I was talking to people about it, they were like, "Luke really needs to mess up, Luke needs to grow up; he needs to make some bad decisions." It was time for Luke to have a little bit of a change and go down a darker path.

As the World Turns Preview: Luke and Noah

Check out this preview clip from Tuesday's As the World Turns. Scenes like this one are the reason why Van Hansis is without doubt my favorite actor on this show.