Parker Snyder

Debate Questions

Now that it increasingly looks like the direction of our country, which is in the midst of the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, is going to be decided by Joe the Plumber, there are other debate topics that could consume us until Election Day and beyond.

FREE TRADE: Last post, I expressed a desire that Jack get off the Carly/Janet merry-go-round once and for all. The fact that he was literally trying to get with Carly in several episodes, only to turn to Janet within those same episodes, nearly drove me crazy. So imagine my delight when in a series of very well-written scenes Janet discovered at least part of the nature of Jack's oscillation. To put it bluntly, Jack was on the verge of boinking Carly while Janet was downstairs in their house. Janet confronted Jack and said those words I always long to hear a female soap character say: "I don't want you to want me so that you don't want her!" and "I don't want to be your consolation prize. I deserve better than that, don't you think?" Brava! READ MORE

Fantasy Island

James Stenbeck

First of all, it looks like my theory about why James Stenbeck wants Paul and Meg's baby continues to unfold. James even uttered the very phrase I've been saying is the key to this story: "This baby will be the true Stenbeck heir." But we all know the only true Stenbeck heir is Dusty Donovan. Stay tuned.

The big news today is...Paul's visions are back. Whoopee? READ MORE