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Tristan Rogers Talks Night Shift and GH Glory Days

TV Guide Canada's  Nelson Branco chats it up with General Hospital: Night Shift's Tristan Rogers (Robert) about his alter ego's phenomenal storyline dealing with colon caner. This is a must read for all you Robert/Tristan fans. The actor opens up about the status of soaps today:

TVG: You were a part of the 1980's glory era of soaps. Is it depressing to be a part of the new realities of the genre? What's your take on the health of soaps?

TR: It's in a lot of trouble. The networks are aware of this. The good news is ABC doesn't want to cancel their soaps. Soaps have had a question mark attached to them in the past twelve months. What's happening now, however, is the economic crisis the country is facing. I always see opportunity in chaos and there's an incredible opportunity in reviving soaps by simply using storylines that have a foundation in hope. By re-adjusting our stories to focus on the dramatic situation America finds itself in written for adults in a respectful, entertaining, and enlightening manner is what the audience needs right now. People are going to be stressed and depressed, and if history is any indication, soaps have always flourished in hard times.

Weighing in on Night Shift


Robert's back!  What did you think of Tristan Rogers' return last night on Night Shift?  Drop a comment and weigh in on Night Shift episode three. 

I appreciated the nod to history and it's clear that Sri Rao (Night Shift's new head writer) is the fan he claims to be. But what about the decision to give Robert Scorpio a brain tumor?  Tristan Rogers gave his thoughts on Night Shift thus far on his official message board.

"We are now two shows into the series and the news is all positive. Oh yeah, say some? From a business standpoint yes. The figures are positive even if all the comments are not. My only desire is that you give this a chance. It is not the same animal as NS1 was. It has been put together in a different way. How is that, say some?

Well the premise is quite simple. It's about .......a hospital. The action, situations, drama and relationships are all centered around, for the most part, medical issues. We do not bring in anything else. And why should we? All manner of health related problems are a large part of life, with plenty of material available for a TV show. If this was not so hundreds of medical shows would never have happened. READ MORE