Tad Martin

Michael E. Knight Re-Ups?; James Mitchell Taken Off Contract?

Reliable sources are saying one All My Children vet is sticking around, while another has been taken off contract. A while back we reported Pine Valley frontman Michael E. Knight (Tad ) was in the middle of contract negotiations. Rest easy Tad fans as it appears Knight has indeed re-signed with the show. Meanwhile James Mitchell (Palmer), who sources say has been in poor health for some time, has been allegedly taken off contract.

Contract Talks Cause Speculation About Knight's AMC Future, Plus SHOCKING Di Spoiler!

Is Pine Valley about to be less one cad? Rumors across the Internet have All My Children veteran Michael E. Knight and his wildly popular character Tad Martin possibly on their way out of Pine Valley. Knight's omission from the list of attendees for this year's final Super Soap Weekend (Nov. 15-16 at Disney World) seems to be helping to fan the online flames.

"Michael is in contract negotiations," reveals a source close to the show. "If the negotiations can be resolved in time for Super Soap he will be there." READ MORE

Went with the Wind

Zach & Kendall

Here we are at Day 2 (or according to ABC's marketing, is it Day 3?) of The Great Pine Valley Tornado of 2008. Before giving my general impressions, this entry calls for a bit of a disclaimer. My initial "The Wind Done Gone" post about All My Children's epic event was a broad critique of the episodes aired to that date based on ABC's marketing machine regarding the special effects work vis a vis the show. This may have left an impression that I was conflating the CGI work with the dramatic aspects of the story. In an effort to streamline things a bit, I will henceforth treat several aspects of The Great Pine Valley Tornado separately.

THE DRAMA: At the end of Friday's episode, Erica and Adam were trapped in the secret passageways of the Chandler Mansion, having discovered that a mysterious stranger had been living there; a jealous Aiden found Ryan and Kendall at the gazebo moments before it was destroyed; the Comeback was demolished, leaving a hysterical Babe bleeding and trapped on top of a suffocating Little A and JR with a terrible choice to make; and Zach made a narrow escape from his overturned car and returned to the decimated beach house to find the boys alive, Kendall missing, and Bianca under a flipped over couch.

Today, the drama continued with a number of rock solid twists, shocks and surprises (mostly involving Bianca) that would have been more twisty, shocking and surprising if one hadn't read them in Soap Opera Weekly, Soap Opera Digest or watched any of ABC's promos over the weekend. And we're off! READ MORE

The Wind Done Gone

JR, Angie, Babe, Krystal

In the history of disaster cinema, no two movies illustrate the great divide between campy greatness and head scratching exclamations of "What was the %#^#*%* point?" than Irwin Allen's 1972 The Poseidon Adventure and Wolfgang Petersen's 2006 remake, Poseidon.

For all of The Poseidon Adventure's over the top excess, the original chronicle of the desperate escape efforts of trapped survivors aboard the fictional capsized ocean liner was filled with heart, unpredictability in the fates of who would live or die and we were invested in characters that we grew to care about or despise within a short period of time.

As much as we laugh at Shelley Winters' Olympic swim through the ship, there still is hardly a dry eye in the house when she succumbs to the stress of the effort and dies. On the other hand, the remake was enjoyable on its own merits but burned through its story so fast that it was nearly impossible to care about the fates of its survivors. When Freddy Rodriquez's waiter suddenly plummets to his death, who cares? If all of them died at the end of Petersen's version, it would have been a pleasant surprise.

This brings us to ABC's much hyped 2008 remake of the tornado storyline which ripped through Pine Valley in 1994, heralding the "official" arrival as Charles Pratt as All My Children's new head writer. Fitting somewhere between the technological successes and dramatic failures of the two tales of the Poseidon, so far this tornado is swerving between a lot of hot air and a gust of breaking wind. READ MORE

Why do you think David Hayward comes to town?

Ever since I heard about the return of David Hayward to All My Children, I have been asking myself one question, "Why or Who could make David Hayward come back to a town that hates him?"  To me, not since Adam Chandler or even Billie Clyde Tuggle has Pine Valley  seen a good villian who everyone loved to hate like David Hayward.  

The last we saw of Mr. Hayward was in 2006, when he announced to Tad and Dixie that Emma McDermott was Kate and happily told Dixie that Krystal was carrying Tad's child.  Even his sister-in-law, Greenlee Smythe Dupree (sorry she will always be married to Leo to me!) told him to take a hike!  So why now ? 

I have a theory and this is my theory alone, there is no truth to it that I have seen or heard. I just have a feeling that the reason David Hayward flys back into town is because Babe will die.  Ok, I know your thinking I am crazy but David has a soft spot for his daughter even when she told him to jump off a cliff, he is still her dad regardless.  How Babe will die can be any number of things but one that might hold some truth is Crazy Annie. 

The woman has not been right since Ryan lost his memory and giving that she is pregnant, her hormones are through the roof!!!  No offense to anyone who is preggers just making a point.  Who is to say that Annie trumps a plan to kill Greenlee and accidentally kills Babe?   It could happen thus bringing dear old Daddy Hayward back to avenge his daughter's death!  Victims would be Ryan for associating himself with Annie and marrying her, Krystal for not taking of care of Babydoll because she was too busy playing house with Tad Martin, JR for not loving Babe enough or right  (David's words not mine) and anyone else I am sure he would find an excuse to hate!