Todd Manning

You Have Changed Me

"You have changed me."

Those desperately uttered words have perfectly and succinctly summed up the sick, twisted and ultimately riveting story line of Todd and Marty on One Life to Live.

I use the word "riveting" in its purest sense: not to imply something that is entertaining or enjoyable for entertainment's sake alone, but rather as a thing that keeps our attention for better or worse, against whatever other instincts that might ask us to look away. In other words, this story line of compounded lies and grand delusion has kept many of us as glued to the screen as a car accident might induce a chronic case of rubbernecking or a nasty lover's quarrel in a supermarket might cause us to turn and watch. Yes, this is the story we thought "they" would never tell, but there is a question lurking just beneath the surface reactions for those fans titillated by the prospect of the loathsomely nicknamed "Tarty" and those other fans filled with disgust and anger:

Exactly whose story has been told? READ MORE

One Life to Live's St. John Apologizes for "Gang Rape" comments

One Life to Live
leading man Trevor St. John (Todd) had to issue a mea culpa following comments he made at a recent Fan Club Luncheon.  Allegedly, when asked about the controversial storyline involving his character Todd Manning and Todd's rape victim Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell), St. John replied, "I'm all for gang rape."

The actor issued the following response to

"I regret the way I responded to the question about the upcoming Todd and Marty storyline. It was meant in jest and I should know better than to ever try and make a joke about such a serious subject. I intended no disrepect and apologize to anyone I offended." --Trevor St. John

Wishful Producing: Jamey's Dream OLTL Spinoff

Okay it's time for the most awaited sequel since Batman: The Dark Knight. Okay, not quite. Naked Gun 2 and a 1/2? No?

News that Brian Frons is planning a possible spinoff of the amazingly-rejuvenated One Life to Live for SOAPnet inspired me to continue my Dream Soap Spinoffs series. So in honor of this awesomely-soapy development, today I will focus on OLTL.

One Life to Live: A Starr is Born

Reeling from her breakup from Cole and the bittersweet pain she feels after giving her baby to the McBains, Starr channels her pain into music. Langston convinces her perform her songs on a You Tube-esque video sharing site. Starr is reluctant at first, but before long she is actually having fun and feeling like her old self and her show is a fast hit on the web!

It isn't long before a hot shot New York record producer Jared Slade (played by Sean Kanan, Matthew Crane or Tom Eplin, take your pick!) turns up at La Boulaie wanting to sign Starr to a recording contract (Look for major sparks between Jared and Blair).  If you think one stage parent was bad, try three ! Todd, Blair and Dorian all weigh in on Starr's potential musical future, but ultimately the choice is Starr's. READ MORE