Traci Abbott

Is this Y&R or Hannah Freaking Montana?

The word Eden used to conjure up images of peace; Nirvana, the state, not the band (RIP Kurt); the star of Imaginary Bitches; long, flowing, crimped hair on the head of Marcy Walker; and the fabled garden where Eve tricked Adam into taking a bite.

Now, thanks to Y&R's casting director, it has come to symbolize a loud, grating, young adult actress who would be better suited on a Disney channel afternoon program than a soap opera. I am sorry I can't take it. There's only so much a fan can be expected to bear.

You're already bringing back that OTHER loud little girl— the one who sings— and now you have brought on this Eden character, Michael's little sister, to assault my ear drums. What, I ask you, did Tracey Bregman and I do to deserve this???? Okay, so I threw that McDonald's sack out of  the window of my Mustang a few years back, I'm SORRY already!  If Y&R is going to keep casting these loud, overacting little girls the least they can do is send a brutha some earplugs. Side Note: Why in high hell did Traci Abbott have those chopsticks in her hair?

Young and Restless: Abbott Dumpling Gang Reunites

It looks like the guest list for the Abbott Family Reunion appears to be growing on The Young and the Restless, as Jerry Douglas will be back onscreen Sept. 11. No word yet on if Douglas will portray the ghost of Abbott patriarch John or John's lookalike Alistair. As previously reported, ex-All My Children star Billy Miller has been cast as the youngest Abbott son Billy, Beth Maitland has been tapped to reappear as novelist daughter Traci and Eileen Davidson is returning as Ashley.

Last week Soap Opera Digest reported Davidson, whose character has been on Y&R's sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful, would be returning to Genoa City for good however, Digest's sister publication Soap Opera Weekly is now reporting Davidson will only be back in a recurring capacity. Both magazines confirm Davidson will be part of the upcoming Paris location shoot this October.

Young and Restless flashback: Traci and Lauren square off over the Pool Boy

With youngest Abbott daughter Traci (Beth Maitland) returning to Genoa City next week I figured I would look for a classic clip highlighting Traci's legendary feud with one-time bad girl Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman).

In this scene Traci and Lauren (who have been rivals since high school) square off after Traci's ex-husband Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) suffers a heart attack during a romp with sex kitten Lauren. Lauren contends that it was all the pressure Brad was under during his custody battle with Traci over their daughter Colleen that caused his heart to stop, as opposed to her practical knowledge and execution of the Kama Sutra.

For newer fans of Y&R this is a perfect glimpse of the fabulous Bregman before she was reduced to playing a talk-to during The Gloria Hour and of Maitland, who before Kathy Brier (Marcie, OLTL) gave women who don't shop in the Junior's section at Macy's someone to root for.