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Random DAYS Thoughts

Sorry this is late, I've only just managed to catch up on Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's episodes (Friday's thoughts to come later).

Wednesday's Episode - 10.01.08

Caroline:  It's not looking good for Caroline - only her prints on the murder weapon and the DA is going to press charges.  The fibers found at the scene are of a cotton blend, so that's no help clearing her at this stage.  I bet they end up belonging to Max - even though he's innocent of the murder as well (in my opinion). 

Victor: I like that Victor wants to help Caroline and it does seem as though they are moving towards a Caroline/Victor re-pairing.  I guess enough time has passed since Grandpa Shawn died? READ MORE

Random DAYS Thoughts

Tuesday's episode 09.30.08

Awww... When there are real-live babies onscreen, they really steal the show.  How cute is Johnny?  How cute was EJ playing with Johnny?  I could barely pay attention to what Lucas and Sami were talking about in the scene pictured here - I tried to rewind and re-watch, but I'm still none the wiser.

I did pay close attention to EJami though.  Welcome back to my screen!  I've missed you guys - and you seem more like the EJami I remember too.  I'm really glad that Sami is being pro-active and doing something about gaining her independance back.  It saddened me to see Sami's self confidence so low though; how she braced herself for the inevitable comments about her hireability, and how she struggled to find something good about herself to write on her resume.  Somehow, I don't think four years of piano training and the ability to forge anyone's signature (even in the dark) are the type of admirable qualities an employer looks for.  But I loved EJ for his attempts to make Sami feel good about herself - and they shared a moment before Lucas interrupted... darn it! READ MORE

Days of Our Lives: Do You Like Melanie?

Now that the character of Melanie Layton (Molly Burnett) has been on our screens for awhile on Days of Our Lives, I thought it was about time to check with the fans about what you think about the character so far.

Quick recap:  Melanie is Max's half sister and they share the same biological father - Trent Robbins - who is currently still married to Nicole.  There were rumors flying around that Melanie would be the secret child of Trent and Nicole's, but sadly, that hasn't happened (I think it would be fun to have Nicole Jnr but that's just me).  Melanie is a bit of a spoilt, self-confessed party girl, attending school in France and hitting up rich boyfriends or stealing expensive jewellery from her "friends".  Upon meeting her brother Max, she had him framed for a crime he didn't commit, but when she was released on bail, left him and Stephanie behind bars, saying she couldn't do anything to help.  Enter Nick Fallon, who flew over to France to help Stax out of jail but who caught Melanie's eye after pretending to be a rich hottie.  After getting Stax out of jail, Nick and Melanie have been getting closer, sharing a kiss this past week.

For me, I am non-plussed.  I have found the character annoying and whiny so far - not unlike Chelsea Brady when she first appeared on our screens.  But maybe, like they did with Chelsea, they will use Nick to make her more likeable.  If that's possible.  To be honest, I kind of liked her friend Tiffany better, but that's a thought for another poll. 

What is your view?  Are you a Melanie fan?  Vote, or leave us a comment below!

Roscoe Born Out at Days

With all the behind-the-scenes, executive suite shenanigans at Days of Our Lives, this bit of casting information managed to sneak under our radar. Veteran soap star Roscoe Born (Trent) has been let go, according to Soap Opera Network

I am bummed to see Born, one of  daytime's best actors (hey, he actually made Santa Barbara fans consider Eden being with someone other than Cruz as corporate raider Robert Barr!), out of work again. Hopefully he will be snatched up by One Life to Live to reprise the role of villainous Mitch Laurence. If that doesn't work out, there's always The Young and the Restless. All of Gloria's other hubby's had dopplegangers, why not Terrible Tom? (just kidding)