Days of Our Lives: Joseph Mascolo Returns!

What are the two things every Days of Our Lives fan knows? 

1. Noone ever stays dead on this show, and
2. The Phoenix always rises! 

Yes Days fans, it is being reported in the July 8th issue of Soap Opera Digest that Joseph Mascolo IS returning to Days of Our Lives to reprise his role as Stefano DiMera; he'll be seen onscreen from early August.

I can't wait to see Stefano return!  What will he do to those who not only put him in his coma (Marlena), but kept him there on purpose (Tony, Lexie and EJ)?  Not to mention returning home to DiMansion to find there's a few new people living there and his most faithful servant Rolf is now acting as their butler!  Should be some gold viewing!

What are you hoping Stefano will do when he returns to Salem?  Leave us your comments!


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It's good that the show finally woke the eff up and realized that they have a staple here. Or was it their loss at the Emmys that made them realize that cutting favorites wasn't a good tactic?

Either way, fantastic news. I want to see him give John back his memory as a means of cutting him down to size. It could work - though it would suck because Hogestyn's been amazing this point.


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Hmm.....  I don't know I am loving NuJohn and I have a feeling he'll be gone now that Stefano's back. I would love to see NuJohn and Stefano go at the Kiriakis men. That would be killer. Maybe we will realize that Allie is EJ's kid. Remember Stefano did have an envelope about the paternity of the twins but we just assumed it was one kid since they did the DNA two step.

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I like this decision. Maybe Days realized they made a dirtbag move by firing him just after the death of his father.

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I'm happy for Jo that Days did the smart thing and are bringing him back. Too bad I won't be watching. Dena has killed the show for me. My only hope is that Stefano kills Nicole. That's all I ask for.