Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps

Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: The One at the Coffee House

Kate/Victor/Philip/Stephanie/Chloe/Lucas/Daniel: At the hospital, Daniel tells Kate, Victor, Stephanie and Chloe that the test results are showing that Philip’s blood is having problems clotting. Lucas’ meeting with designers must have ended early or the writers forgot about that excuse because he shows up at the hospital after leaving Allie with Caroline. Daniel continues explaining Philip’s condition and tells them that there is an experimental treatment that can help. Victor is all for trying it but Kate freaks out on Daniel and says she can’t trust him. Lucas goes over to her and talks her down. Kate finally agrees to hear Dr. Dan out. He tells them that he wants to induce hypothermia to see if that helps. Kate and Victor agree to the experimental procedure. I’m not exactly sure how hypothermia will help his blood clot and the show doesn’t really seem like explaining it either. But this is the show that gave us a partial pancreatic transplant so I guess I should just let it go! READ MORE

Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Let the Games Begin

Here's what happened today in the crazy world of Salem...

The Hospital: Philip flat lines and a hysterical Stephanie takes a break from crying to eventually call for help. Dr. Dan and some other medical staff come in and try to revive him. One of the other doctors gets Stephanie to leave so they can help Philip.

Meanwhile, near the nurses’ desk, Stefano and Victor continue their argument from yesterday and just things are reaching their boiling point Kate arrives and breaks the two of them up. She demands to know what’s going on and why Brady called her. Stefano moves away and Victor tells her that Philip was shot and is in critical condition. Kate wants to know if Philip will be okay and Victor says that no one knows for sure. READ MORE

Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Wedding Interruptus

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to be writing the Days of Our Lives recaps here at Daytime Confidential. Be gentle with me, it’s my first time –lol!

Philip/Stephanie/Brady/Melanie/Victor: We get to relive the hit man opening the door and ruining a perfectly hot shirtless Philip scene. (And I’m not sure if the gun shot wound could look any cheesier. Maybe someone from the makeup department at Days was watching a 70s horror movie on the weekend – lol) Stephanie comes out screaming and screaming followed by some more screaming as the hit man decides to take a shot at her but misses and hits an innocent painting instead. Two maintenance guys come running in and save Stephanie from the hit man. Stephanie yells at them to call 9-1-1 and runs over to Philip and begs him not to leave her. READ MORE