"Dr. Horrible" Act 1

If you haven't checked out the Nathian Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris musical Dr. Horrible that Sean posted about last night then hopefully these screencaps will entice you.

This thing is hilarious folks and you'll definitely want to check out all the parts while they are streamed FREE online. Act Two goes live on July 17 and Act three on July 19 but on the 21st they will only be available through paid download. 


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They are also available for paid download now, through iTunes. The per episode price is $1.99 but for $3.99 one gets all three episodes.

THE EDGE OF NIGHT: 2008 - Hi-Octane Version

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Neil Patrick Harris rocks!!

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I love Neil Patrick Harris, I love Nathan Fillion and I love Josh Whedon...Can it get any better!! Plus it's funny!

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Nathan Fillion is sooo yummy MMM! I remember when he was Joey on OLTL and Dorian and Joey had their little fling!

I think Neil Patrick Harris is such a great actor! I enjoy him so much on How I met Your Mother!