YR 12/8 Restless Style Releases Victoria's Grand Jury Testimony!

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Billy is at it again against the Newmans! Y'all know what to do! Discuss! Discuss!

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That was a cool move!

That was a cool move!

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Sigh ...this show....when are

Sigh ...this show....when are Victor and Nikki coming back?

I feel like we have already been there and done that with this Daniel being arrested and in jail.  I swear are they recycling these scripts?  I mean ENOUGH!  Give Daniel something else to do besides going to jail.  It just isn't necessary.

I like the crumbling of JT/Victoria marriage.  They need to break them up immediately! Put JT with Heather or somebody else.

I cheered when Nick punched Adam.  Gosh that Adam character is really getting on my nerves.  He needs to die.  I hate this relationship they are doing with Sharon.  It's so obvious that he is using Sharon and of course they are writing Sharon as just not knowing and trusting this maniac.

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I'm loving that JT & Icky are

I'm loving that JT & Icky are on the rocks!!! They bore me. NO ONE needs to hook up with Heather. Heather needs to go visit her mom & never return. The recycled storyline with Daniel going to jail is working my last nerve too.

I knew Sharon was dense but I didn't think she would be dumb enough to fall for Adam. Is she desparate or what? If she is so "strong" as she & Adam kept pointing out over the past couple of days, why can't she go five minutes without jumping into bed with the first dude that crosses her path? Abby is 16 & knows better than to trust this dude. Loved it when Nick punched him! Cannot wait until the "Stache" returns & knocks Adam on his a**!