ATWT: How stupid does the show think we are?!

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I got done watching yesterday's episode of ATWT very early this morning.  Guess what I saw?!  THE VERY SAME HOUSE that Guiding Light used for Olivia's residence, where Reva lived, and I'm sure that there were other Springfield residents that lived in that house.  As soon as I saw that house, I was like, "What are they thinking?!" GL hasn't been gone off screen that long that the producers at ATWT would think that those of us that watched GL wouldn't recognize that house!  Ay, yi, yi!

ATWT should NEVER make use of a set that another show used for the better part of it's last year or so on the show.  If this was producer Ellen Wheeler's (that's if she's even still with ATWT) idea, I'm going to slap that woman all the way to Siberia and make sure she stays there and doesn't destroy any other shows I like in the process!