Elmo arrives at the protection of Perry on GMA

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The 41st season of "Sesame Street" was supposed to begin with an episode with a special super star appearance. Most already know that Perry was intended to star in it. The show is known for the celebrities that come on it, that means Perry, as it is a popular children's show. She would are within the episode if her scene with "Street's" Elmo had not been edited out because it was racy. Elmo explained what he thought. Post resource - Elmo comes to the defense of Katy Perry on GMA by Personal Money Store.

George Stephanopoulos featured Elmo on 'Good Morning America'

The New York Times reports that Elmo was prepared to defend his new-found friend. In addition to "Sesame Street" Executive Producer Carol-Lynn Parente, Elmo and Grover - nay, Super Grover - appeared before a national television audience made up of the kind of adults who felt that Katy Perry's mostly-covered breasts posed a danger to their tender children.Miss Perry created a parody of her song "Hot 'N Cold" about Elmo and Perry having a play date for the scene in question. YouTube has the video on there. It is easy to find. Perry was ready to play with Elmo. When she finds out he doesn't want to, she gets sad. She has even gone to the trouble of getting in her best dress-up clothes (a low-cut dress that isn't revealing). This is what has sparked a controversy of Victorian proportions. It has changed into a "cause" for individuals on both ends of the spectrum.

Parente seems 'surprised at the volume of disapproving responses'

Stephanopoulos talked to Parente about it. She said "Sesame Street" might never, never produce anything that we thought was inappropriate." "Sesame Street" was just looking to get a wider variety in the audience with younger parents. That is why Perry seemed like the perfect fit. But the backlash evidently caused the production team to throw up its hands and give in to the base political instinct of the vocal minority.For his part, Elmo reached out to Perry, saying that he hoped she would come back to "Sesame Street" for a play date."Elmo loves Miss Katy," was his response.

Joking with complainers

The parents who complained got made fun of. Super Grover did what he could with this. He asked Stephanopoulos if he liked his new super costume. He then said very quickly, "It isn't too revealing, is it?"

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