Come on Maria Arena Bell Soras Kyle Abbott Now !

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Kyle should be at least 18 years old come on now just about everyone in his age range is Sorased . Come on now it is ridcoulous cast a decent young actor and write a good young people storyline for goodness sakes. Come on Maria stop waiting for Ted Turner to call you back for suggestions on old movies. And watch current things to get some inspration and have some yourself.

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I say cast Drew Garret in the

I say cast Drew Garret in the role...

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I agree that this would have

I agree that this would have been the perfect opportunity to have sorased Kyle so he would be the appropriate age. He has not been on the canvas for a while, and he should be close to Abby's age if they want to keep bringing up the fact that Diane stole Jack's sperm (of course thinking it was Victor's) as they have been doing since she came back to town. If you are going to disregard this important piece of Y&R history, at least do not even mention it - they must think we are stupid to not be able to remember things like this! Just another way to alienate your base - show no respect for their knowledge of story-line history.

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Totally agree with Othell. It

Totally agree with Othell. It was ridiculous when they brought Kyle back in March and he was younger than Hayley Erin's Abby. Now they've brought back the same boy and the new Abby is a good ten years older than the previous Abby. So ridiculous. Kyle would have made the perfect frenemy (or lover...?) for Noah.

I bet they didn't age him because it would age Diane, who for some reason they're trying to de-age.

Also, Y&R is stupid for not bringing Diane back full time when Patty was on her rampage.

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I don't see Kyle being

I don't see Kyle being SORASed now. Too bad, since he's part of the original "stolen sperm" storyline that also produced Abby, who is 30 in real life! LOL (On the show, I'm not sure what age Marcy Rylan is playing, to be honest.)

When Leah Bauer was SORASed on GL, we were outraged, and the show could have quietly withdrawn the aged character and restored her to her (toddler) youth, but refused to. It ruined the entire history of Rick/Mel, as it made Jude, Rick's son by Harley BEFORE Mel, now the "love child" of their "extramarital" affair (which obviously never happened).

Stupid writers. On both shows.

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I am glad they are not

I am glad they are not sorasing him! First of all I hate soras! It is one of the worst things about soaps. It not only ages the child but also everyone else. Keep people young and vibrant as long as possible! I don't need to see grandpa and grandma!
Next since his mother is recast much younger than original, to cast the kid older would only point arrows at that fact. She already looks odd being the former lover and wife of all these old farts. No need to give her a 30 year old son as well!

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The consistent thing to do

The consistent thing to do would be for Kyle to be the same age as Abby. They were conceived at virtually the same time. And an older Kyle would be a great nemesis for Noah Newman. However, having Kyle remain a kid has its advantages. For one, it would make it more plausible for that scheming Diane to use Kyle to get closer to Jack (or to get back at him, depending on the situation). For two, I can just see Jack and Diane engaged in a nasty custody battle over Kyle.

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I want Drew Garrett or Mick

I want Drew Garrett or Mick Hazen, but I also want to see Eddie Alderson