AMC - Sonyab's recaps 12/8/10

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A beautiful memorial

Slater home:

Kendall is lying on the couch sad. She says she can't do this and then leaves. Amanda and Jake show up and Bianca is already there. Bianca has no idea where Kendall is.

Krystal's BJ's:

Tad sees Kendall sitting. He tells her how sorry he is about Zak. She says she woke up and knew exactly what needed to be done, but she couldn’t handle staying for the memorial to say goodbye. She wants to know how Tad got through losing Dixie. He says they had a star together and he still talks to her every day and she will always be in his heart. He says Zak can be too. Kendall is ready to go home for the service and thanks Tad. As they start to leave, they run into Caleb who gives his condolences. Asher walks in. Caleb asks Asher to go for a ride because it's about time they had a talk.

Jerica home:

Jack sees that Erica is looking through a photo album of Kendall and Zak. Jack says he knows Kendall will survive this because she is her mother's daughter.

Casa D Lavery:

Greenlee and Ryan are together and she is thinking about Kendall and Zak. Spike comes to the living room and asks about Daddy Zak. Ryan assures him that he can come to him with any questions he might have. He thinks they should go and cheer up his brother Ian. Ryan sends Spike to get his stuffed animal Zak gave him and then they will leave. Greenlee has a hard time finding the right words to express what Zak meant to her. Ryan thinks she will know exactly what to say when the time comes. Spike returns wearing a Red Wings t-shirt on in honor of Daddy Zak. Awwwww! Sad

Slater home:

Kendall comes home and sees the photos of Zak set up for the memorial. She tells Jake, Amanda and Bianca it's beautiful. The nanny brings Ian out and as Kendall holds him, Ryan and Greenlee comes in with Spike. Spike gives Ian the stuffed animal and Kendall wants to know what Spike will have to remember Zak. Ryan shows her that Spike is wearing the red wings shirt. Erica, Jack, Opal and Tad enter the house as Reverend Torres follows them inside. The service begins and everyone gets up to share stories about Zak. When it's Kendall's turn, she talks to Zak's portrait and recalls how they fell in love. She thanks him for convincing her to take the risk with him. She says everything they did was against all odds, but they made it work. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it. She kept saying against all odds. She says she knows Zak would want her to be strong and to keep on going. She will because she has to for the boys, but she won't think of him as gone forever. He's just taken another journey across the sea and she will be there waiting for him. She will never stop loving him. What a beautiful memorial! A sad one too.


Caleb starts telling Asher about Sonia, but Asher says he can't do this and starts to leave. Caleb stops him by saying Sonia wanted a son. She wanted him. He goes on to say he hadn't seen her in awhile and didn't know she was pregnant. He explains about the explosion and how she went into labor. He had to deliver him right there in the mine. He says she was happy that she saw Asher and that she was smiling when she died because she was looking at him. Awwww! Sad