There are some TV shows ,I like Ghost Whisperer best!

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There are some TV shows that never manage to catch the fancy of TV Ghost Whisperer DVD critics and pop culture fanatics. They just plow along, cranking out season after season of good, solid entertainment without really rising to the cover of "People" level of hype.The CBS series "Ghost Whisperer" certainly falls into this category. It has helped CBS remain competitive on Friday nights, Family Guy DVD it continues to draw a faithful fan base and despite some cast changes, the show remains creatively strong.The show's premise is pretty simple. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays "Melinda Gordon," a woman who can see and communicate with people who have not "crossed over." Desperate Housewives DVD She marries Jim Clancy (David Conrad) in the premiere episode, and her relationship with her husband helps define and expand her connection to these ghosts.Over the period of four seasons, there have been some cast changes and a couple of long-running story arcs that focused on the dark side of the afterlife. Weeds DVD But throughout the series, the one constant has been the bond between Melinda and Jim.But more changes are coming to the show, and it's going to be interesting to see how fans react to a new three-episode arc, which premieres tonight.For months, rumors have been swirling that David Conrad (who plays Jim, Melinda's husband) will be killed off this season. Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD Producers have been coy about the changes, simply stating that Conrad will not be leaving the show. It's tough to write much about these episodes without spoiling too much of the story arc, although I'm not giving away much to say that things do not end well for Jim in tonight's episode.