Y&R: Where is Vance Abrams?

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I don't get it. He was Sharon's lawyer and should have been part of her arrest. And they seemed to be setting up a Nikki/Vance coupling. They seem to have fully replaced him with Leslie. I don't really mind---I like Leslie and prefer her to Vance. But I don't like unexplained absences.

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Well, when Victor was griping

Well, when Victor was griping at Leslie the other day, he brought up the fact that Vance was MIA during Sharon's trial and Leslie said her boss left town because of "other committments." And Nikki would have to actually be on the show for her and Vance to be involved.

I think Eric Roberts was nothing more than another stunt casting flop. And I agree, Leslie is better. I just hope TPTB keep her away from those odeous Winters brothers. Sad