Fire Christel KhalilChristel Khalil Hensley and recast Lily with Tanisha Lynn

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Now she as an actress has always embodied what it takes to make Lily actually work. And she doesn't need to be trained how to act. But then these are the musing of someone who would soon as fire the whole top brass and start anew. Yet Lynn has that spunk needed for the role. And Lily needs some spunk... Under my regime at Y&R she (CK) would be the first to go.

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She would be a great choice,

She would be a great choice, but she's doing pretty decent in primetime, so I doubt she'd return to daytime TV.

Of course, you KNOW that I wholeheartedly agree with you about them needing to get rid of Christel. She has never been my cup of tea. But like Amelia Heinous, it seems that we're gonna be stuck with her indefinitely because the writers and producers feel some weird sense of loyalty toward her.

Personally, it makes me sick to my stomach how they bend over backwards for these subpar actors and actresses (add Daniel Goddard to the TOP of that list!). But it's the sad truth! I try everyday to will myself to accept it.