Just when you thought it couldn't suck any more...

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...today's episode of "Y & R" (1/11/12) was so insulting to its audience and its legacy!!

Hmmmm - how convenient that Jeffrey was the squatter!! Funny - last we saw him, Maria Arena Bell and her co-hacks had him on an island pretending to be Tom Hanks in a crappy movie!!

This is your idea of storytelling, MAB? This is the best you and your co-hacks Hogan Sheffer and Scott "My name's NOT Earl" Hamner could come up with, and you decided to push it on us?!? This is your idea of bringing stories 'full circle' in order to pull a 'satisfying conclusion' out of your hardened skull?!? Honey, in over 4 years, you have not told ONE memorable story! Your last name may be Bell, but you certainly don't get any of their talent transmitted to you via your wedding ring!!

This is a f***ing joke and I am insulted beyond belief!!!

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Does Scott Hamner have a

Does Scott Hamner have a problem with being Earl's son? He should be so lucky to be as good of a writer as Earl Hamner Jr! I read his books and faithfully watched The Waltons as a kid. Sometimes I will sit down and rewatch an episode on tv and the material holds up. The man could tell a story. And his characters were always at the heart of the story. His son would be blessed to have that kind of talent.