Bold and Beautiful needs THIS!!!!

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Okay so I've always had a strong love (and sometimes HATE) for The Bold and the Beautiful. In fact, I've watched it, along with Y&R all my life. At times I found B&B to be better than Y&R, and vice-versa. Now I find that it's better than Y&R (because Y&R is just at the bottom of the pit right now) but still B&B is a bit boring to me. I was on youtube browsing when i ran across these clips again.

It made me realize that B&B hasn't had a good action storyline in AGES. There hasn't been a genuine psycho in Los Angeles since probably Sheila Carter or Morgan DeWitt in the early 2000's. But this right here is even better to me because it hasn't been played to death. Who the hell is Deveney Dixon? I was born in 1989 so naturally I had no idea what was going on at the time, but geesh..this rivalry with Stephanie looks incredible, and Thorne is in the mix. I went online and read up on some of the info and I found out that this "Deveney Dixon" got away at the climax of the storyline and no one ever saw or heard of her again. Why can't she return? I think it would spark some interest back in the show...FOR ME. What do you guys think? And if anyone was watching at the time, can I get some assistance on this storyline because I'm still in the dark about most of it. I know it has something to do with Angela Forrester, and Deveny Dixon...IDK. HELP!!! lol.

Oh and enjoy some clips I found

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ITA! I think B&B could work

ITA! I think B&B could work a crazy villain storyline or something over-the-top. Since the show is so camnpy, they can get away with about anything.

Maybe they could send Patty over there because I HATE her on Y&R and Shelia was awesome on B&B and sucky on Y&R.

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Send Patti to LA and have her

Send Patti to LA and have her fall for Thorne after realizing she will never have Jack Abbott. Talk
about blockbuster storyline!

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Great clips stoney07! I agree

Great clips stoney07! I agree with you. I hope B&B has something fun and action-packed planned for their 25th anniversary this year. I do miss me some Sheila Carter though. Kimberlin Brown is so great in that role.

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Deveney Dixon was posing as

Deveney Dixon was posing as the late Angela Forrester, who everyone except Stephanie thought was dead. But it turns out that "Angela" was an impostor, and the doctor treating her knew that "Angela" was a fraud. The real Angela Forrester died when the doctor treating her forgot to lock the wheels on her wheelchair and she went rolling down a hill, got hit by a car and died!!! When Stephanie found out the truth, well, all hell broke loose. I always wondered why this storyline was dropped, since it was such a great and suspenseful storyline.

Maybe now would be a good time for Brad Bell to bring back Deveney, since the show could use a psycho. There hasn't been a fun and entertaining psycho since Morgan, a character that I absolutely loved and was let go from the show WAAAAYYY too soon!! If that doesn't work, Brad should bring back Kimberlin Brown and Sheila ASAP!!

And as far as explaining Sheila looking the way she did pre surgery (on Y&R), I'm sure Brad could come up with a logical explanation. After all, he found a way to bring back Taylor and this was after we saw Taylor in an open casket (still one of the stupidest storylines on Bold and Beautiful), so I'm sure he could think of a way to bring back Sheila!!

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I've always said that B&B

I've always said that B&B needs a villian. B&B doesn't have a "real" villian. Everyone says that Stephanie is a Villian. Stephanie is not really a villian and and even if she was, she' not anymore because she's concerned about feeding the homeless now and connecting to her new BFF, Brooke.

I would love to see Patty head over to B&B and have a triangle with Thorne/Taylor and be her usually crazy self and become obsessed with new people.