Is Alice's legacy really tarnished on Days?

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I've seen a few comments about/criticisms of the Alice storyline and how she never would have kept such a huge secret from Hope. I might be wrong about this, but my understanding of the Stefano-Alice connection is that when they put those letters in the safety deposit box all those years ago, neither one knew what the other had on them. That's why Stefano has no idea what is in his envelope. Likewise, Alice wouldn't have had any idea what was in the other envelope. If that was the case, Alice was more making a preemptive strike than keeping vital information from her granddaughter. I'm still not crazy about the story, but at least it hasn't completely tarnished Alice's memory.

Now I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Stefano is about to find out that EJ isn't really his son.

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Alice's history on Days is

Alice's history on Days is very long and I think that her reputation will be firmly intact at the end of the story. Mainly because I think that the writers really care about the show and wouldn't purposely do harm to the character. Anyway that is what I get from them.