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Jonathan Jackson why did he exit gh as lucky

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They didn't give him what

They didn't give him what they promised . what else is new. They got me to come back to watching the mob show, and what did they do. make Lucky an idiot. I liked him with Siobhan,Liz had just turned to rotten to him for me.
I liked Lucky from the first day he showed up at Ruby's ahead of his family.
He was a cop made to follow what the killer for hire ., watch Liz have sex with his brother. The brother who was also his best friend. They ruined Liz and Nic for no reason. Those two would never have done that to Lucky and each other for that reason. They had him doing drugs, crying and finally they let him be the father to the baby. To little to late.

He was told he would be reunited with Liz .You can see how far that went. I actually liked him with Siobhan.

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Jackson's exit is something

Jackson's exit is something I'll never understand. How can TPTB let go of such a huge talent???
Anyway like testadoda said, Jonathan Jackson was promised that Lucky would eventually reunite with Elizabeth, which got him back on the show in the first place. In the end that didn't really happen. Lucky got back to his addiction and Jackson made it clear to the producers that he was overworked and couldn't handle this emotional stuff anymore. Jackson wanted to be back burnered for a while ... TPTB didn't let him and said that Lucky was way to important...

In the end, Jackson left the show because of this. Which of course made no sense because instead of having less Lucky we have no Lucky at all.
It's truly a sad story ... and I imagine that this wouldn't have happened with Frank Valentini in charge. -.-