What do you hope to see happen during May Sweeps on General Hospital, storyline predictions/ideas you have?

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What do you hope to see during May Sweeps on GH, what storyline predictions do you all have?

If anything what do you hope to see during May Sweeps on GH, what storylines do you hope to see happen or what do you want to happen on GH in May leading up into the summer for summer sweeps on General Hospital, what are your predictions for the show?

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Ok. these are not in order of

Ok. these are not in order of importance and these are just some ideas, not all

1.) Carly/Sam/Jason triangle. I flove when Carly and Sam fight. We need tension, romantic and other types

2.) Michael/Starr pairing

3.) Blair/Todd buying the local newspaper, running it and going after all the local PC citzens.

4.) Johnny/Maxie pairing. I like when KS Maxie was with Johnny so hopefully JL's Maxie have chemistry with Johnny

5.) Lulu and Carly's friendship need to resurrected. They need to fight and make-up about Lulu betraying Carly for Dante. Lulu needs to be her father's daughter again

6.)continue with Kate storyline and have her die in the end

7.) Patrick/Liz/Matt triangle.

8.) bring back the Quartermaines and the Cassadines (bring back Valentin S/L if it's good)

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Anyone else, let's keep this

Anyone else, let's keep this thread going

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Since they seem to be pulling

Since they seem to be pulling out the big guns here are mine. Jason gets his Quartermaine memories back and Frisco returns. Other than that, I don't care. LOL

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Kate/Connie holds Sonny

Kate/Connie holds Sonny hostage and makes him listen to his blaming everyone but himself for all his misery.

Nickolas returns and gets rid of Helena for good. he and Liz have a rematch, at least they had chemistry. This storyline with Helena was awful, but at least it got rid of the Lady in White and Ethan who has been wasted air time since he joined the show.

Now that Robin is gone, pair Patrick with Liz. It is heartbreaking that she never finds romance.

maxie with Johnny was good but she is too silly to be with anyone like johnny or Matt. She needs Spinnelli so she can manipulate him.

Todd and Blair-RC may have a new super couple. So what if it has always been Blair and Todd, all the GH people are complaining about the OLTL people "taking over" that might just be the best thing that every happened to GH. There were some great actors on OLTL.

Bring Bree Williamson on for Patrick, she is super.

Pair Kelly and Michael (John McBain)They were a super hot couple on Port Charles. Have never felt chemistry between her and Jason.

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Nurses Ball is brought back

Nurses Ball is brought back to celebrate the life of Robin. Only to find out that Robin never died and Faison has her. Bring in a cryptic message that Frisco has uncovered and returns to town to find Robert and Anna only to be confronted by Maxie and deal with Felicia.

Surprise guests turn up at the nurses ball in the form of AJ and a not so dead Alan.

Todd gets a surprise visit in the form of a not so dead Victor.

Lucas and Bobby return to town.

Lucky comes home to romance Elizabeth.

We see Nicholas in Greece receive a call and the phone go dead before he hears a voice only to see Emily much alive and heald captive by Valentino.

**now for the best of the best if we could get it...but whom would she play? that is the hardest question for me...but I want to see Cady McClain on GH! That would bring AMC and ATWTs fans and she could be a pairing for Todd if they don't bring on KD or pair him with someone else on the canvas but please not Carly I agree Carly should be with Jason-as a quatertmaine with a little very little or hell non at all Jason Morgan memories.

Perhaps she could be Julia Barrett.

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- Nikolas returns but we only

- Nikolas returns but we only get to see him in Greece as he is on a phone call that he receives and the phone line goes dead but not before he hears a voice only to see Emily much alive and held captive by the long-awaited Valentin Cassadine

- Victor Lord Jr. alive and well shows up in Port Charles because Allison Perkins is keeping Victor prisoner in Port Charles, and Victor escapes from Allison and is in Port Charles where he sees his twin brother Todd, and Victor is reunited with his twin brother Todd and his niece Starr. Victor then sees them and he sticks around for a few episodes but not before going back to Llanview but he will pop in every now and again

- Lucky returns from Ireland and when he does, cue a Lucky, Elizabeth, Patrick triangle and cue Robin's return because Robin is alive and she has been this entire time but the man who has her is Faison

- Johnny and Maxie become a couple but cue Spinelli's jealousy, but it won't last long because Spinelli will get a new love interest, Maxie's sister Georgie who we all thought was dead but she is alive and well, and her & Spinelli become a couple

- Matt Hunter ends up leaving town because he gets a job offer in Los Angeles

- Jason gets his Q memories back as well he would still have his Jason Morgan memories and the 2 personalities would fuse, and Jason would have his full memories of his whole life restored to him and when that happens and he realizes the man he has become, look for him to turn his back on Sonny and Carly distancing himself from them and leaving the mob altogether

- Sam will give birth to hers & Jason's baby, I say it will be a boy that she gives birth to and she will name him Daniel Alan Morgan to honor her adopted brother Danny and her late father-in-law Jason's late father Alan Quartermaine

- Michael & Starr will become a couple by May Sweeps

- Todd and Sonny's rivalry will only heat up

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I want to see the Nurses Ball

I want to see the Nurses Ball hosted by Lucy Coe in honor of Robin.I want to see Heather meddiling in her son's life, then his Dad, Jeff comes in the picture.

I want to see Olivia with Sonny, Maxie back with Spinelli, and Lucky returning just as Elizabeth has started something with Matt. Oh I am so confused! I do not think Matt likes kids so not sure how that will work.

I want to see Carly just being Carly, maybe back with Jax, or if Todd is still around, maybe him (but he needs to have a libido) Alexis and Diane fighting over Mac, but Alexis winning and Diane going back to Max.

I want to see Abby come back to Micheal as she was kidnapped. Then Star finding out that Cole and Hope did not die, but have been taken care of my someone that lived in the Canyon. They reunite, and head to Llanview to get married.

I also want to see Sky and Lorenzo and Lila Rae together. Tracy reunited with her son's and Edward loving his family again. I also I want to see more Alan hauntings. Jason and Sam smiling and happy picking out baby names, and maybe baby news for Lulu and Dante.

Maybe some family for Epiphany..the actor who was Frankie on AMC would be a nice nephew for her!

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- Yes for May Sweeps why not?

- Yes for May Sweeps why not? I would want to see some family for Epiphany being brought in and why not a nephew, Epiphany's nephew comes to Port Charles and he is a doctor or he is in med school but he is training to become a doctor, and Epiphany's nephew falls for Maxie, an interracial romance for Maxie, and I know Epiphany would definitely not want her nephew being mixed up with Maxie Jones, that is for sure, and the perfect person to play Epiphany's nephew would be the actor who played Nate Hastings on Y & R, Walter Fauntleroy as Epiphany's nephew, Epiphany could have a sister, and he could be Epiphany's sister's son who comes to Port Charles as a new med school student who is doing his residency here at General Hospital

- Sonny and Olivia becoming a couple with Steve and Kate becoming a couple

- Todd & Carly becoming a couple which will make Blair jealous

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The way I see the show now,

The way I see the show now, everything stems from Jason's accident and the choice he made to join Sonny in the mob. Well, how about we discover that everything we have seen on screen, post accident, has been Jason dreaming that this all happened. This would correct several problems: it would reunite couples no longer together (Luke and Laura) and would also help to explain why there are a number of dead people who are alive: AJ, Alan, Emily, Justus, and Georgie just name a few.

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I don't care about Sweeps.

I don't care about Sweeps. Sweeps are just stunts. I want the show to improve in the long run and not just during 3 weeks in May especially if there won't be another May Sweeps for GH in 2013... If GH is really going black in September 2012, all weeks leading to that should be sweeps so my answer about "what I want" is to be read as "what I want from now on until the end of GH"

I want Lulu to dump Dante and realize she was in love with the "idea of love" but never truly loved that douche who lied to her so many times, always takes her for granted and finds it perfectly OK that Lulu's ambition is now to work in a windowless dusty filing room...

I want Lulu to find her inner Spencer back and reunite with Johnny (just for the pleasure of Dante turning green!!!) or reunite with Dillon. Anyone except Dante!

I want Sonny GONE! I want the witch Olivia and the lunatic Kate GONE. I want to be done for good with those Falconeri who have vampirized the show in the past 3 years. I want Shawn and TJ GONE.

I want balance back. I want romance back. I want characters to share scenes with more than one or two other characters who are always the same. I want the history of GH to be remembered and the sudden whitewashing of characters (such as the thug Shawn) to stop.

I want Alexis to have a real storyline (and to be reunited with Ric Hearst). I want Johnny to embrace a career as a piano player and find true love (with Lulu or with Brook Lynn). I want Tracy to be treated with respect by men and by her family. I want Carly reunited with Jax (but she can play with Johnny in the meantime as they are so hot together). I want Lucky to stop being a moron and an absent dad and to be reunited with Liz.

I want Georgie, Emily, Justus, Alan, Ric, Lorenzo, Nik and Jax back. I don't care about Todd and Blair because I can't stand Todd and I certainly don't want Todd and Blair to be paired!

I want the Jasam's baby to be born disabled so that we will have a real storyline there where Sam/KeMo could shine. I remember how impressive the storyline of Kendall and Ryan's baby turning deaf was on AMC. How parents deal with a handicap. Especially if it is their first child and they have waited for him/her for so long. But of course as this baby is supposed to be the eighth marvel of the world he/she will be born perfect and a genius talking 5 langages when aged 3 and a master at chess. How lame...

That's a lot of "I want". But who knows? We can always dream... And if I have to pick only three wishes? Lulu dumping Dante forever and finding her inner Spencer back, Sonny out of the show and no character on screen for more than three days a week!

Have a good week DCers Smile

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Trevor St. John! Bring Victor

Trevor St. John! Bring Victor to Port Charles. Let's have John and Dante rescue Victor from Allison Perkins who is holding him hostage in Port Charles of all places!!! This will clear Todd and let him free to do his ususal nasty stuff.