The ratings for "Y & R" continue to decline...!!

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Gee, I wonder why the show is in trouble - it couldn't be the terrible plot-driven tales or the one-note characters being created by the head-writing team of Maria "Showkiller" Arena Bell, Hogan Sheffer or Scott Hamner, could it?!?


Perhaps when the show's ratings dives below 4 million, CBS and SONY will finally acknowledge that some housecleaning needs to be done! Even with only 3 episodes this week, "Y & R" barely managed to hold my attention and I missed last Friday and this past Monday.

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3.1? Wow, MAB, you are

3.1? Wow, MAB, you are writing some trivial and boring stuff. Ashley acting like a 20-year old bi+ching Jill out? Boring Victor and Genevieve drivel. Let's get on with whatever is going to happen to Jack, too?

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MAB has no clue how to write

MAB has no clue how to write stories. She does the same thing over and over again. These dualistic storylines are lazy and it's going to be the end of Y&R. If she continues as headwriter just because she's married to a Bell, no more Y&R. She sucks and its time for her to GO!

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Well, at least its the end of

Well, at least its the end of the MOB on the show. Hopefully, there will be an end to Daisy soon enough because SERIOUSLY I have no idea who MAB is listening to because EVERYWHERE from the viewers to critics are ripping this character apart. But what's worse is that she continues to say BRING these characters together again and again!!!

Sharon/Nick/Phyllis?! Seriously, enough already. Either write Sharon off the show or Phyllis and bring someone new in. (I'm actually liking Adam with Chelsea and hope that Adam convincing her to give up with the child to Billy and Victoria even if he doesn't become a saint!)

Victor and Nikki? Seriously, Again!?! They kept them apart. They wrote Victor saying the meanest MOST abusive language to her (abuse, Mrs Bell is also psychological) and Nikki still claims to see the good in him? Even after having his hand in changing Patty's face, Colleen's murder, Billy's imprisonment and keeping him away from his dying child, Chelsea and her baby and EVERYTHING else he has done over the years! I mean, come on, why don't they write her as a strong woman who says "I love victor because he is the father of my children. But I can't be with him because it's not healthy for me or those around us" (Reprehensible that they have Katherine being the only one pushing Nikki to him especially since drinking was sort of started because of Victor each time for Nikki)

Let's call it a bust with Genaura, Avery, Ricky, Tucker and anyone not truly tied to more than one character. I still don't see why Cane hates his mother sooooooo much that he can't forgive her but he basically for months begged for forgiveness from his NOT YOUR MOTHER mother and NOT YOUR GRANDMOTHER grandmother and his wife. (Seriously, he had sex with her when she thought he was dead and she ended up in a mental hospital)

BTW, my point is that these people and stories are boring!! It should be Victor against Jack. Jill against Gloria. Katherine in the middle somewhere. Tucker should be killed with Sophia in a freak car crash leaving Ashley devastated and looking for support. In comes a new BLUE COLLAR man who lives in a rental APARTMENT and has kids!!! (OMG) Just something exciting.

TELL EXCITING RIVETING STORIES. Jack's revenge on Adam and Victor has to be HUGE! And not a year from now. NOW!!!