B&B Happy 25th Anniversary

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Today marks the 25th Anniversary of one of my favorite soaps! Hapy 25th to The Bold and the Beautiful! Even though you cause me to go crazy and gripe and complain I still love the show. It was the first soap that I joined a message board for! My all time favorite triangle Brooke/Ridge/Taylor! The Shiela Carter crossover.....Bridget's paternity...Taylor "dying" in the first plane crash...Stephanie slapping Brooke! Oh the memories!

Everyone share your favorite memory from the soap....

My favorite memory is the 1998 wedding of Taylor/Ridge. They had finally reunited and were going to raise thier son Thomas together. I was worried that some way Brooke was going to stop this wedding. I was in fan boy heaven when she didn't and my couple were finally back together!

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My favorite memory is the

My favorite memory is the golden days of B&B when Bill Bell was writing the show. Most of my favorite storylines are from that era.

Brooke/Ridge/Caroline/Thorne quad, Thorne shooting Ridge, Angela Forrester/Deveney Dixon saga, Stephanie's original homeless storyline, Jake's sexual abuse, Sheila crossover, Brooke taking over Forrester Creations...

Stephanie/Brooke is my favorite relationship on the show. Their confrontations especially in the early years were so intense. They've always been and always will be the supercouple of B&B.