The SORAS'ing of Summer and Femore - YAY or NAY?

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Just my opinion, but Maria Arena Bell seems hellbent on destroying her father-in-law's legacy to Daytime Television!

Good idea or bad idea????

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First of all, she couldn't

First of all, she couldn't even write for Noah, Eden, and Abby! What makes her think she can write for Summer and Fen? It seems like all of the young males are comming back with an attitude. I understand Kyle's behavior, but why Fen? Why? I don't understand the logic in this.

Do something new like write him in a storyline where he suffers from a rare disease and needs bone marrow to beat it. That is where big brother Scotty comes back! Four words: Trent Garrett as Scotty!!! Laughing out loud Then afterwords, Fen could suffers from a drug addiction from meds that help him with anxiety from a tramatizing experience from boarding school.

In order for this to work, she should cast Eddie Alderson as Fen, and Kelley Missal as Summer. Talented young actors that would run rings around some of the clowns they've got on the show now. *Cough: Peter Porte.* This won't happen because MAB is over everything. Sad That's my opinion.

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Hopefully, MAB isn't aging

Hopefully, MAB isn't aging Fen and Kyle just to have them get raped by crazy females, like Daniel and Billy were.

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After years of hearing WE

After years of hearing WE DON"T WANT NEWBIES TAKING OVER THE SCREEN and already having Eden on the show with nothing to do other than serve coffee, Ricky lurking around like a bad detective in a trench coat, Daisy just pushing a stroller around, and now the Jersey Shore clone in town.

Why age the cast of 3 just to make it MORE UNBEARABLE TO WATCH?!!!

Give Lily and Cane a story that doesn't involve coo-ing and ahhh-ing one another. Give Genivieve a story that has meat that doesn't fall off the bone. Either jettison Sophia out of town or make it a viable love triangle with Harmony and Neil. Give Ashley something to do.

The list is endless with the cast that is there. We don't need a whole cast of young ones on here because, CLEARLY SOAPS do not know how to write teen stories without them looking like ADULT stories being played out by teens?!!!

My prediction, Faith and Fen start dating and by the end of the summer, Faith is preggers. And we've all left watching the show.

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Soap Opera Digest is

Soap Opera Digest is apparently now reporting that Y&R will NOT re-cast the role of Fen and that Fen will not return to Genoa City at all. If true, I wonder why Y&R did an 180 on this!