I stopped watching GH today.

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I have made sure to watch at least a part of every episode live since February 2010. And some of you know that I was an ardent defender of Ron Carlivati & Frank Valentini, because without them ABC wouldn't keep GH around. But at this point, I become physically ill when I watch the show. The storylines are simply revolting. And I don't understand why ABC doesn't put this show out of its misery. If you don't want scripted programming during the day anymore, then CANCEL. Do not drag us through a pile of dogsh*t and tell us there is cake and ice cream on the other side. Because quite frankly, ABC, there isn't. Baby switches, multiple personalities, cars going over cliffs with five year olds in them, and reality shows about the mafia are simply not worth our time.

If I were ABC, I would announce tomorrow that General Hospital would go off the air on April 5th, 2013. In this manner, you give plenty of time for storylines to finish up, you allow the show to have one last huge weeklong 50th anniversary bash, and then you're done. That's it. Goodbye ABC Soaps. I just think at this point in time it's best for all involved.

Thoughts? I'm interested to hear if anyone agrees, or whether I'm a lone voice here.

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bro i dony mind general

bro i dony mind general hosptal but i like wwe tna wreslting better

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IMO it's a soap opera and I

IMO it's a soap opera and I expect outlandish story lines, but killing off three children in one year (Jake, Hope and baby Delgado Lord) is too much. I will simply write a few letters to RC and FV with things that I love, and things that need some improvement.

And yes, ABC wants out of day time scripted drama. OLTL was my favorite and should have stayed on the air since it was under budget and the ratings were increasing.

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Sorry, have to disagree. I've

Sorry, have to disagree. I've been watching the soaps since Dark Shadows as a little kid. I DON'T want to see the end of soaps!!!! How many more news shows can we take??? Do I have to hear the same news over and over for 3 hours, morning ,night and now noon on ABC? I'd rather watch GH, it may not be perfect, but I still get to see my favorite characters that I've basically grown up with over the years. I Love John McBain, and once this whole baby mess story is over, I hope he and Sam get together, They were SO hot together on Port Charles. Give the Jason and Liz fans their thing, and give us less Mob and Sonny and more Romanace. That is what every soap is lacking so desperately now, the old Love In The Afternoon Days of the past.

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I've been watching GH since I

I've been watching GH since I was 5 (yes, 5). I would come home from school and watch with my mom. I am now 38. Sure, there are plenty of story lines that I don't necessarily like, but I won't give up on it. It has been a huge part of my life.

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It has been a huge part of my

It has been a huge part of my life too and I have been watching for the past 30 years (almost 31...). But I don't recognize my show anymore. They destroy characters that I love like Johnny for no other reason than to promote their OLTL pets. If my show is condamned and does not have more than 1 year, I want it to be ALL about GH like OLTL and AMC have been ALL about OLTL and AMC when they disappeared. But they are denying that from us. I already have 2 friends who had been watching for as long as me who have finally stopped watching in the past two weeks because the show is so dark and ridiculous and doesn't respect what the GH characters are. So keep the good work Cartini, you are pushing away some die hard GH fans so I hope that your OLTL fans will at least stick up to your crap.

And after what you did to Johnny, I am hanging on by a thread...

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Reality is that the original

Reality is that the original GH did not have good ratings. Trying to combine and pick up ratings is the only option. It is true that oltl should have been the soap to be left standing. It was best written, acted, best stories and underbudget. I wonder if whoever made the decision to keep GH is still employed. I started watching oltl after atwt/gl were cancelled. Hooked instantly. I can only talk for the last four years of oltl when it had good stories and good ratings. I believe #3 most of the time. I am glad they are bringing the characters/actors over but somehow it is not completely working for me. I will give it more time because I realize they are just finishing stories written before this team came to show. I am hopeful they will get rid of extra characters and concentrate on fewer. I am surprised they are continuing with mob stuff. I saw where someone was hired for nemesis of Sonny. I was like "huh." I hope they drop Jason. Even though he has fans, he has got to go. I will admit I don't see hard choices being made. This show needs more continuity and less jumping around from story to story.

For the four years I watched oltl, it came across as a town with certain people connected and some not so much. It also had a feeling of a complete town where you could possibly see anyone from the town at a restaurant or any other public spot. I think the word is "continuity." It was believable that this was a town and the show was about the people living in it. I am hoping GH evolves into something similar.

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What????? GH has NEVER been

What????? GH has NEVER been better!!! LOVING Heather!!! LOVING these storylines!!! If everything went perfectly with these characters, NO ONE WOULD WATCH!!!!!!!!!!! It would be great if you changed your mind and decided to continue to watch Danny, because I think it's only going to get better!!! I'll be watching for sure!!! Smile

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dwood37 wrote: What????? GH

dwood37 wrote:
What????? GH has NEVER been better!!! LOVING Heather!!! LOVING these storylines!!!

I agree.

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I feel your frustration with

I feel your frustration with this completely heartless and implausibly plotted show. I also don't get the argument that "it's a soap so it's supposed to be outlandish". I'd argue that soaps can be anything BUT outlandish. In GH's creative heyday, it was NOT outlandish. Did Claire Labine write outlandish plots? Hack writers and even worse execs have simply tried to re-create the Jerry Springer show, have tried to program for the stereotypical non-thinking soap fan.

I do NOT however agree that hope is gone. There are a few signs that someone behind the scenes has had enough with the misogyny. Ending the ridiculous portraits of women will go a long way to making GH watchable. I hope GH still has a chance to go out on a high note. A little help in the writer's room may go a long way to getting there.

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I'm still watching but with

I'm still watching but with waning interest. I'm not the least bit interested in the OLTL characters and FF them. I don't think the OLTL characters were necessary to improve ratings. They seem to only be necessary to appease the OLTL fans who have been boycotting ABC. All that is necessary is to write good stories, preferably not mob-centric, about GH characters and the ratings would follow.