Y&R's ratings and "The bell has tolled for Maria"

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According to what I saw on soaps.com, Y&R's ratings went from 3.20 (yesterday) to 3.40 this morning. I'm guessing more fans tuned in this past week and I would also suspect that Y&R will now start gaining viewers now that Maria Arena Bell is no longer The Idiot In Charge at Y&R.

soapcentral.com's Allison J. Waldman wrote a very long commentary titled, "The bell has tolled for Maria". It is so worth the read. Here's the link to the story: http://soapcentral.com/yr/content/scoop/twoscoops/2012/120730.php This was by far Allison's best work to date in her many Two Scoops columns that she writes for soapcentral.com (not to say that Jamey, Luke, Regan or Jillian haven't written really good stuff, they have, trust me)!

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Thanks Christian, I haven't

Thanks Christian, I haven't visited SoapCentral in a while but I do remember Allison's analysis of soaps as being among the best in the industry. She even took time out to email responses to my feedback on a couple of occasions. Who wouldn't like that?

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I'm glad she's gone but I'm

I'm glad she's gone but I'm no Jill Phelps fan either so ..

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The first comment doesn't

The first comment doesn't make sense since JFP hasn't taken over yet. What everyone is watching and why people are tuning in is because the current storyline is good...finally. I'm enjoying it while I can and am praying Jill and Josh steer the show properly.

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LOVE the new Sharon

LOVE the new Sharon attitude ! Great storyline and acting by Case!