An Idea For Ridge/Stephanie's Exits

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We were all shocked by the news of the past week or so that two of the core four (maybe) will be leaving the series. I don't expect either to be killed off or anything to that extreme, but they deserve a fitting farewell that does their characters justice and leaves the door open for a return either in the future or when the show finally does wrap.

Stephanie starts to get sick again and decides it is time to retire from Forrester. Stephanie says her goodbyes and looks forward to spending the rest of her life with Eric. She leaves Ridge with one piece of advice, "Cherish every moment you have and make sure you put happiness above business."

While Brooke is consoling Hope over her situation with Liam and Steffy, the two come up with an innovative new line of clothing for Forrester. Brooke wants the new line to be a focal point for the company, but Ridge is listening to his mother's advice and instead wants to travel the world with his wife. Ridge thinks back to all the people he has loved and lost and over the years and says how he wants to spend every minute in paradise with Brooke, spending all his time planning a lengthy, extravagant trip. Brooke feels that her daughter needs her at this time and this new line is the way for her to reclaim her independence.

Ridge decides that he has to go through with his trip, whether or not Brooke goes with him. As he prepares to leave he gets on the phone to call Taylor, potentially to ask her to go with him, but instead wishes her well and says how he will always love her. Ridge does leave with one parting gift: he has put Steffy in charge of Forrester Creations.

I think that this sets the show up for the future and opens the door to finally have some new story arcs:

- Steffy will finally get the opportunity to be the star of the family.
- Steffy will clash with Brooke/Hope over the direction of the company.
- Steffy will also battle with Thomas over control.

It's clear that B&B is a little bit tired right now. While losing two veterans is never a good thing, I think this could freshen things up again.

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i will miss stephanie and

i will miss stephanie and ridge alot on this show. i might get mad at the writing on this show but i will miss ridge and stephanie on this show.

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Yeah this is gonna be totally

Yeah this is gonna be totally unpopular, but hey it's my opinion:

B&B has been realllly dull recently. There's no suspense, action, or even drama in the show anymore. So, I would have an Earthquake hit Los Angeles, trapping Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, and Brooke at Forrester Creations (the core four). They basically take the time to reflect back on the past 25 years and how things have changed and stayed the same (THEN I would accept some flashbacks...older ones). Then I'd have Brooke and Stephanie sort of come to some kind of common ground again, but just as they are all about to leave and try to make it home, Stephanie's uncontrollable coughing returns. Of course they all freak out, and against Stephanie's wishes, Ridge calls an ambulance. But due to the Earthquake, the ambulance would be delayed by an hour or so, so Ridge decides to take his mother to the hospital himself. On their way to the hospital, Ridge crashes his car, instantly killing Stephanie, and only slightly injuring himself.

Of course Ridge would blame himself for his mother's death, and subconsciously, he feels that the rest of the family blames him as well (though they don't say it). Felicia and Kristen return to town for Queen Stephanie's memorial. Jackie, Nick, and Massimo also return. After the memorial, Ridge disappears. Brooke later finds a letter informing her that he needs time away. He still blames himself for Stephanie's murder, and the only way he could possibly cope would be to leave town for a while.

I'd have Brooke of course wait around for Ridge for a while, not wanting to move on, but then eventually, I'd hook her up with Nick again. Smile

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Wow these are some great

Wow these are some great ideas for possible stories I liked the earthquake idea! It's a shame posters here can come up with some really entertaining stories but the writers on the show are writing like they're on cruise control.