Current Y&R plot holes or things that make you go "hmmmmmmmmmmmm?"

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Help me out here, folks.... I am sure there are some I am missing:

1) what happened to Abby?

2) who happened to Daisy? ( and for that matter, Lucy??)

3) who is the mystery person lurking in the shadows?

4) who is/was playing with Genevieve.s mind?

5) why did the fire at the ranch house burn everything, but not melt that bracelet? ( I have never seen so many people trample through a crime scene,,, oh wait.... I have. I forgot this is the Genoa City Police Department, the smartest detectives in the world! )

6) what was the connection between Harmony and Sarge?

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I really didn't like the

I really didn't like the exits of Harmony, Heather and Gen either. Harmony should have had, at least, one scene with Devon. Heather should have said bye to Daniel and Gen should have wanted to see Cane before she left.

All huge missed opportunities for some good scenes. It will be interesting to see how JG explains Heather not coming back with Christine.

I'm also hoping he ups Neil's storyline. I'd rather see him than Tucker, Summer ...