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Wow, wow, wow! I watched yesterday's (Monday) episode last night. I'll get to my comments on what this thread is ultimately about in a minute. However, allow me to vent. I ABSOLUTELY hated that Brad Bell penned that "emergency vote" right smack dab in the middle of Susan Flannery's final storyline as her character is dying of lung cancer. It wasn't needed, nor warranted. Like many others who've commented on this, it should be Eric with Stephanie at the end, not Brooke. Eric and Stephanie have been through the wringer the last 25+ years and it is only fitting that John McCook (Eric) and Susan Flannery (Stephanie) would share that final scene where Stephanie takes her last breath. This emergency vote could have waited until after Stephanie had passed away and the memorial service had taken place.

Back to almost the end of yesterday's episode. After Brooke had arrived at the cabin in Big Bear, Eric and Stephanie shared one of the most tender and poignant moments I've seen in this storyline so far. It was definitely John McCook and Susan Flannery's last scene together as Eric and Stephanie. It was them telling us that Eric would not make it back to Big Bear in time for Eric to talk to, look at, and hold Stephanie while she was still alive and when took her last breath. Not only did John McCook and Susan Flannery get robbed of this, so did the fans. So for that, I'm pissed off at Brad Bell.

Brad had many chances to make this storyline absolutely perfect. Was it perfect? No. What could have made it perfect? It would have been Ronn Moss coming back to the show to reprise his role of Ridge for his on-screen mother's goodbye party (per Ronn Moss who stated on twitter to a fan that the reason(Drunk he didn't go back for those final episodes was because 1--he's not on the show anymore and 2--he wasn't asked to come back. Something tells me that Ronn and Brad parted on less than amicable terms, ergo the crappy ending that Ronn got when he left the show earlier this fall). He could have put off the emergency vote until after Stephanie died (I know, I know, I'm beating a dead horse with this...........but it bears repeating). Like some, I did not like the way that the party ended. It was too jarring. That just smacked of poor execution on Brad's part in the writing of those episodes and it was poor executing on the part of the producers in not keeping that goodbye party going with Stephanie and Eric still there.

Thank God I'll be home on Monday the 26th to watch Stephanie's last episode, with a box of tissues nearby, and me taking off my glasses and putting them back on more times in one day than usual. I hope I don't screw it up this time by accidentally erasing that episode from my DVR. I accidentally erased the 3rd day of the party episode and I'm beating myself over it. I really wanted to keep those episodes. Having said that, I really hope the fine folks at CBS and at B&B will make available to the public on DVD those final episodes that we have all been so lucky to be a part of so that we have some sort of keepsake from this fall. Even with the minor bumps in the road during this storyline, this will go down as one of Brad Bell's best storyline's in the show's 25+ year history AND I smell a LOT of Emmy gold next Summer. For Drama Series, it's going to be between B&B and GH next year. Days and Y&R won't have anything to showcase as far as any decent material to submit for Drama Series. I do and hope to see One Life to Live in the Drama Series category as well. But judging from what I've seen from B&B, my money is on B&B to win its 4th Drama Series Emmy.

Okay, time for me get out of my Tuesday morning quarterbacking chair. It's time for some of you to take your place in that chair and share your thoughts. The floor is now yours.

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ChristianDavis I agree with

ChristianDavis I agree with your post!

I don't like this pimping of Brooke as Stephanie's "best friend". I feel it's very wrong for Brooke to be the last one with Stephanie. Many of us like Stephanie/Brooke as rivals. I know some consider them a "supercouple" of this show but I just don't think it rings true with the show to have Brooke be the last one with Stephanie. Stephanie barely had a moment with her daughters, Kristen and Felicia. It's already glaring that Ridge isn't there but to barely have her share a moment with her daughters just makes no sense. I don't get it. I would give Stephanie's goodbye a B so far. I think Brad Bell has done a decent job better I expect the best. A couple small changes and it would be an A plus story for me.

I did for the first time in a long time cry last week as Stephanie left the party. I never really get emotional with soaps but I felt like I was losing my grandmother. I'm going to miss Stephanie Forrester. Sad

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I'm done with B&B and I never

I'm done with B&B and I never thought I'd say that....but geez. Brad Bell is absolutely OBSESSED with Brooke Logan. I know some posters and even some of the DC gang feel as if Brooke Logan IS the B&B...but to me she isn't. Sure, she's provided a lot of the drama over the years and some of the greatest B&B moments have involved Brooke, but she's NOT the show.

Then there are some who feel as if it's appropriate that Stephanie dies in Brooke's arms, but this is my problem: Some say it brings closure and that the Stephanie/Brooke dynamic. But the show wasn't really about the fact that Stephanie didn't like Brooke. It wasn't about Stephanie antagonizing Brooke. It was about Stephanie protecting her family AGAINST Brooke. That's why it doesn't make sense that she'd leave her family and DIE in Brooke's arms. This entire thing has been all about Brooke Logan...it's disgusting to me. I haven't seen a case of character propping this bad in all my life. Why couldn't Stephanie have died with her children and husband by her side? Or even her BEST FRIEND for the past 20 years? Why Brooke, when in reality, it was just a year or so ago that Stephanie was scheming and telling her grandson to LIE and say that he had sex with Brooke...????????

Brad Bell should be ashamed of himself, and I'm glad and proud to say that I'm no longer a viewer of B&B. I'm trying with GH, but I just don't get the hype and the fact that everyone else feels like Ron and Frank are the second comings of Christ makes me dislike the show even MORE...especially when all I see is camp...ugh.

So that leaves me with Y&R, which is still good imo. Some call it boring, I call it classic soap. So there....lol

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stoney - Thank You! I

stoney - Thank You!

I completely agree with you on B&B. I was listening to the DC podcast today and I just have to whole-heartedly disagree on B&B. That show has not found it's niche again. It has been gone from it for years. The last time B&B was truly good - and I do mean riveting and must see TV - was around 555-5555, right before they brought in the Marones. Then it started to steadily sink. I remember that the last good storyline I really enjoyed was when Nick and Taylor were married and Brooke threw herself at him only to get rejected. I also loved Donna & Eric being front and center and Donna vs. Stephanie. I also loved that Heather Tom came on board as Katie. But that's about where the fun stopped.

I was exctatic two years ago to learn to my all-time favorite character of B&B and all-time #2 soap character of all time - Amber Moore Forrester - was set to made a return. And what happened? Brad wrote her as a scheming 19-yeard old golddigger. She wasn't that bad and stupid even when she WAS a 19-year old olddigger, lol!!! Little did I know that was only the beginning of the end. Then came the horrid Liam/Steffy/Hope storyline and the notion that Brooke is the heroine when it was always meant to be Taylor. But of course she is on the back-burner treated like a meddling psychiatrist. She is not that. She is not SUPPOSED to be that. She is supposed to have men around her dazzled by her and courting her at Café Russe!

It's kind of like the same problem than with Y&R, if I TRULY wanted to fix this show, I would have to go back in time so many years that it's not even possible anymore. Y&R started going downhill in 2006 after Cassie had died. Then came LML and her wreckage.

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I agree with all of you. Why

I agree with all of you. Why Brooke? This is not poetic just stupid! Yes Brooke helped Stephanie in the end but Stephanie is all about family. Wher is Ridge--her favourite child? She should be dying in the arms of her beloved children, Steffy and Tatlor not Brooke? Oh God B&B has become the Brooke Logan show. How suffocating. I don't think I'll watch after Stephaie dies unless Taylor returns to her former glory and flattens trampy Brooke.

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As we know now, Stephanie

As we know now, Stephanie spoke with Ridge and told him NOT to come....