Wishful Storytelling: A Storyline for Y & R

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The storyline I have here for Y & R would be:

Adam Newman's old high-school sweetheart from Kansas who Adam has lost touch with for many years, she pops back up in his life after all these years by ending up in Genoa City of all places but she has no idea her old high-school sweetheart Adam is even in town until she runs into him one fateful day at the GCAC and when Adam runs into her, he is so happy but shocked as well at the same time to see her standing here before him as she is also really happy to see Adam but shocked to see him too especially in Genoa City

But Adam's high-school sweetheart she has a secret, a secret that she has been hiding for many years from Adam, a secret she never told him, that she was pregnant with Adam's baby when they were in high-school but she never told him because of the fact that he had his whole life together in that he was going to Harvard the next year and she felt that if she was going to tell him and he found out, he wouldn't have went to Harvard and he would have sacrificed everything to be with her and their baby and she didn't want that, needless to say her family finds out about her being pregnant and they kick her out, with her living on her own making ends meet all on her own and nine months later, she gives birth to Adam's teenage son who she names Jacob

The secret being that she had Adam's son but never told him, and now this son of Adam's is also in Genoa City with her as they end up staying in Genoa City with her getting a job at Crimson Lights and Adam's son Jacob going to school at Genoa City High but Jacob has no idea that Adam Newman is his father