SORAS Jamie Vega and Zane Buchanan on Prospect Park

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If anything I would love for the new One Life to Live to SORAS Jamie Vega and Zane Buchanan because these legacy characters, these kids have been off-screen long enough that people could accept Jamie as well as Zane being SORASed and not to mention the amount of stories you could tell with an older Zane as well as with an older Jamie

Plus Zane is connected to the Cramer, Lord and Buchanan families being related to all 3 families, so it would at least be somewhat interesting to see which side of the family Zane identifies with more

And with Jamie back in Llanview, it opens the door for Carlotta's sons Antonio and or Cristian to return to Prospect Park

Or Jamie she can come back to Llanview to visit her Abuela, her Grandma Carlotta because maybe Antonio could send Jamie back to Llanview to either visit her grandmother which then could turn into Jamie living with her grandmother permanently and that is when Jamie can officially go to school at Llanview High

Plus if Antonio were to come back with Jamie, Antonio can take over John's spot at the Llanview PD with Antonio being the new Chief of Detectives as well Antonio could find love again if he were back in Llanview

And or if Cristian were to return to Llanview, then he could be a new love interest for any of the women over there

But by adding Jamie and Zane both into the teen set, they would be in good company with Jack Manning who happens to be Zane's cousin but Zane is also Shane Morasco's cousin too since Zane's adopted father who is really his biological grandfather Kevin and Shane's father Rex are brothers

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Hmmmm. I really don't want

Hmmmm. I really don't want to see any more SORASing or new people until OLTL jells for at least six to nine months under their new format. Sam is coming back as a seven year old and will need little friends his age, plus a potential love interest down the road.

Jamie Vega, Zane Buchanan, Max Holden's twins, Marcie and Michael's two children, etc could all be brought back at some point down the road.

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Actually, Max's twins

Actually, Max's twins wouldn't have to be SORASed. They were born in the early 90s, so they're about 20 now.