Pfferando ATWT...Just released 2 days ago on Archive

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Here you go...Pfferando this was just released on Archive 2 days ago, ATWT from April 10, '1957. ATWT is just a baby and had its 1st anniversary. This is way before me, it's my mama and grandmamie's soap. But the characters we know are still there, it must be surrounding around "John Hughes" Chris's brother being release from prison. Edith Hughes (fabulous played by Ruth Warrick) Chris's sister is present. Grandpa Hughes is there smoking his pipe. Jim Lowell was Ellen Lowell (Stewart)' s father! It has the original commercials from P&G. This had to be why my mom used Oxydol, grew up w\Oxydol & Camay soap (opera) is coined...hehe! I still use Oxydol! God love my mama! I noticed commercials were longer but not as many. It wasn't hard to follow the characters we know and love. The thing I was amazed at is you always here how bad the sets was in '50s of soap operas, a chair table and black drop...NOT HERE...this set is very nice and SO much bigger then we have today...go figure. I thought of you wanted to post it. Go Irna!! Smile Enjoy! Wink

This has is from April of '1961, Bob & Lisa is and married & pregnant w\Tom! Bob, Penny is present butting heads w\Lisa and Lisa has never changed Love , domineering Nancy is here! Penny had just lost Jeff Baker's baby, Penny\Jeff was the start of "super couple" on soaps. Ellen had went "away' to have Dan Stewart 5 years ago wanted Dan back because having a torrid affair with a married man David Stewart being accused of murdering David's first wife (sound familiar Lauren in a torrid affair, soap staple Wink )

History was still there playing decades later and Stewarts was on canvas until the end w\Emily, Susan ...sigh!
There is all kinds of old '50s soaps on here, quite a few of SFT, LOL, etc and even my beloved TGL ,set in Selby Flats not Springfield! Shock

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OMG...My grandmother watched

OMG...My grandmother watched this show since the 50's...I'm getting a little teary...

I started my love of soaps when I used to watch with her in the early 70's.

"Where the Heart Is", was on before Y and R replaced it.

She lived with us and would shut her day down for that one hour that ATWT came on. She also loved SFT and Love of Life...I also remember Secret Storm. She always left the TV on and also would watch EON.

It sounds odd but my little northern Wisconsin hometown, Mellen, was in a valley and we only got CBS and NBC. The ABC signal wasn't strong enough. She was a religious CBS soap viewer and my Dad's Mom watched NBC. I loved the Doctor's, Days and AW in the early 70's. Little did I know that Bill Bell was the writer for Days when I was spell bound.

Thanks Harlee for the memories. This was way before Vampires, possessions, etc. That is why I am still drawn to Y and R. The only real throw back soap still left. True to the genre.