40th Celebration continues....with behind the scenes w\CLB!

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This is great...and so funny! Christian is behind the scenes at the wedding speaking EB, MTS, JM, ED, KSJ, etc

It's great how they poke funny about their character...especially Eric's "Who in the hell knows or how many times I had Amnesia" or MTS.."What of it" Big smile Big smile

This is been such a fun 40th ride and loving all of it for Y&R....Cheers Y&R Happy 40th!! Love Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Drunk


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Fun clip! I still can't

Fun clip! I still can't believe how many years a lot of the cast has been on the show. Really believe that without them during the rough past couple of years, the show may not have survived.

And also they all look great. MTS and TB are gorgeous women! I also think CLB just recently turned 50...he also looks amazing.

Can't wait for this week's shows!