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Daytime vet William deVry has revealed that he is joining the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL, and will first air on Tuesday, July 30. "Finally! I just got word I can tell you I just finished my first day of work on GENERAL HOSPITAL," deVry posted to Facebook. "It is a contract role. Very rare these days indeed. And I come to town as the character of Derek Wills. Derek has an agenda, let me tell ya!" We also understand that Derek is Connie's boss, although Kelly Sullivan (Connie) is set to exit the soap soon, so the character will likely have his fingers in a few other pies as well. The actor is best known to daytime fans for his roles as ALL MY CHILDREN's devious Michael and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's troubled Storm. So deVry should fit right in in Port Charles!

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That Storm suicide storyline

That Storm suicide storyline on B&B still makes me cry to this day Sad

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@Stoney07: B&B without Susan

@Stoney07: B&B without Susan Flannery and Y&R without Victoria Rowell still makes me have to punch harder at the punching bag at the gym like I'm Victor Newman criteria 2003.

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That Storm-suicide story-line

That Storm-suicide story-line was sad, and was yet another highlight of Eileen Davidson's career.

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I didn't care for WDV's Storm

I didn't care for WDV's Storm at all, I thought he was unnecessary at the canvas (this was of course around the time they started to transform the show into the Logan show...) and Storm was a bland, uninteresting character to me.

But Eileen Davidson saved a lot, loved her on B&B, and Heather Tom coming along helped a lot too.

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stoney07 wrote:That Storm

stoney07 wrote:
That Storm suicide storyline on B&B still makes me cry to this day Sad


Man that was some heavy, powerful drama!