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Hey gals and guys. As you know, I have my own little short version of Y&R online, and if you are interested in reading, here it is.

This week on MY Y&R:

Victoria extends a warning to Sharon, Ashley and Phyllis face off, Traci demands answers from Simon, Drucilla regains control of her marriage, Noah fights for his relationship, Simon loses a job, Rafe is annoyed with Kevin, Jill gets a surprise, Adam and Grace share sparks, Dru is blackmailed!!!

and for some reason there was a problem with the site and the last two installments were deleted but they'll be reuploaded in the morning. Enjoy Smile And if you like it, join the site and join in on the discussion.

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You BETTA Work!!!

Awesome continuation. Printed and reading as I watch Wendy. Shoot me an email and let me know when you have it posted each time cause I get excited to read this great writing. Thank you for breathing new life into Mr. Bell's character's. Have a great week

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Keep writing baby...the

Keep writing baby...the future is yours!!

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Just so you know...I read

Just so you know...I read it...loved it!!!