01-07-14 Tweet from Michael Muhney

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Michael Muhney broke his silence on Twitter on January 6 for the first time since tweeting that he'd been let go from "Y&R." He took to the social media outlet to post a quote:

Benjamin Franklin said it best, "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see."
— Michael Muhney (@michaelmuhney) January 7, 2014

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"The witness to this incident only got it "half" right...I only grabbed one of them not two"...

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Who really knows what is or

Who really knows what is or was the truth or what is or was the rumors but there must be some grain of truth. Maybe not all true on the internet but the allegations have bit his ass and to be fired so abruptly after signing a new long term contract speaks volume.

We all know MM has a major ego from what he's displayed on tweets, and controversial statements he has made in the past. This is a judgement call on each one of us and regardless of acting skills which I have enjoyed immensely but I rather believe something is amiss in his "catch me if you can" attitude. Michael like so many men from all industries think they are bigger than they are and end up falling prey to reality.

Lets be clear, he's gone from YR and this could hurt his career down the road and follow him, he's saving face. Wink and possibly his marriage. Could this be why the flare-ups between EB & MM because of MM's disposition he displayed on the set? Who knows, probably not but makes me think and go hmmm Tongue .....Eric Braden has more classic in little finger than what MM ever showed....

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Who really knows, indeed?

Well said, Harlee. Very well said.

And pferrando, that was my exact reaction to the tweet. "One boob, instead of two." Wink

True or not, I feel bad for the actress.