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    Cast of characters: Stefano, Kate, Austin, Carrie, Rafe, Sami, Jennifer, Lexie, Abe, Bo and Hope.

    Envelopes remain unopened as we start todays episode. Austin comes to visit Kate at the Dimera mansion, perhaps to talk about his troubled marriage. His intent is not clear, but he does eventually open up about the trouble his marriage is going through. A distracted Stefano is looking out the window and not adding much to the conversation and Kate is obviously concerned that he seems a million miles aways. Kate suggests that Austin and Carrie should come for dinner. Stefano interjects that he remembers Carrie when she was a little girl running around the mansion. Tony used to think of her as his own daughter when he was married to Anna. Stefano says he misses them both (Tony and Carrie. I doubt that Stefano misses Anna much, but I do. I would love to hear from her). Nice use of history once again. The writers really pick up these little things that enrich even this small conversation. Austin admits to them about his marriage having a bump. They insist he goes to Carrie right this minute and wisk her away for a nice lunch and to work on their marriage. He agrees and leaves. After Austin goes off to set his marriage aright, Kate wants to know what is going on. Stefano is way off somewhere. He eventually breaks with the news of the ENVELOPES. Kate is shocked that Alice would use blackmail against Stefano. Stefano admits that Alice was a formidable opponent in her own way. She offers to open the envelope herself and tell him what’s iside.He says he will be the one to open it when and if he decides to.
    At the Horton home, Bo and Hope are having a similar conversation. She is frightened now that she has the envelope to find out what’s inside. She wishes that there was a sign from Alice that would help her decide what’s inside. Again with a nice nod to history, she notices her grandpa Tom’s poetry book. She says Gran used to hide newspaper articles in the poetery book. When Tom would open the book, all these articles would fall out. Alice start to putting the clippings she cut out somewhere else but leaves this one saying “if not you who, if not now when?” she considers this a sign from Gran so she opens the envelope. When she looks at the paper, she kinda sumbles and drops the paper. Bo asks what is it?
    Sami opens the door to Rafe and Carrie’s office and sees the two kissing. She clears her throat to let them know she has caught them in their throw of passion. This is huge in Sami’s mind. Catching that no good sister of hers chasing after her husband is just the last straw. She will never forget or forgive this infraction. Not too long after Sami shows up but here comes Austin as well. Austin over hears just enough to know that Rafe kissed Carrie. He heads right towards Rafe to give him a good thrashing but Carrie stands firm in his way (this looked pretty real. I kinda got scared that she was gonna get hurt. Carrie wouldn’t allow for Rafe to get the blame. It was something that just happened. Rafe suggests that he and Sami go home and discuss this while Carrie and Austin gets to talk in the office. As much as Carrie wants to deny that this meant anything, Austin is not having it. He KNOWs that they have been out of sorts since John’s trial and that Carrie and Rafe have this bond. (I thought this was a very mature and thoughtful take on the situation. He is being open and honest about exactly what is taking place. 10 extra points for Austin).
    I don’t think Carrie or Rafe are being honest about how they feel to eachother or their significant others or even themselves but Austin KNOWS and so does Sami. Speaking of which she just throws Rafe out the house as soon as they get there. BIotch that she is! Seriously I guess kissing someone is worse than actually doing the nasty on that germ ridden sofa in the Dimera living room. (Sami gets no points for this round of marriage.)
    Meanwhile EJ and Nicole are plotting and planning how to use the fact that Abe is playing dirty against him. He has made a serious tatical error that he could have avoided buy simply not looking at the questions in advance. Since he took the questions away from EJ, that should have been enough. Now EJ is out for blood.
    Watch Abe dig himself deeper in lie and get caught. And again remind me NEVER to use Jen as a wingman when I am doing something wrong and illegal. She sux at it. EJ AND Nicole are gonna play even dirtier and I smell a set up coming.

    Over all a pretty intense day. I am seriously looking forward to finding out what is in Stefano’s envelope from Alice. Hopefully it is not nearly as lame as the envelope from Stefano.
    Leave any thoughts about any of the current story lines!

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    I can’t quite pinpoint why but I’ve done a complete one-hundred-eighty degree turn on Rafe. I didn’t care for the character much at first but I find him quite interesting now. I think it may be because these writers worked with Galen on Passions; they can write for his strengths.

    And about this episode…..How do you spell hypocrisy?

    S-A-M-I. The woman has got to be least self-aware person in Salem.

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    I have slowly developed admiration for Rafe. He is just a straight simple man who is not overly loaded down with characteristics. It is not the most interesing thing to be, but with Rafe you Know what you are getting. What the new writers have accompished is to integrate Galen’s natural humor into the character. I noticed during the Faux Rafe thing that Faux Rafe (infinately more interesting of a character to me) was extremely funny. Allowing Rafe to have this gentle humor has given him more personality. Plus his desire for Carrie is palable. He is stronger and more manly with Carrie (who doesn’t berate him like Carrie does).
    I think the problem is that Sami doesn’t respect Rafe and it makes us question why should we? She has always tried to emasculate Rafe and basically make him her bitch. Plus I have always felt that Sami has never fully commited to Rafe or loving him. She is always holding back from it. Maybe out of fear or maybe because she doesn’t really love him. I think he reminds her of her father and that wanting to be taken care of like her father does with women. But that isn’t love that is comfort.

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    I didn’t form opinion about Rafe not seeing him on Passions or GG, but I have found myself liking Rafe and sense of humor. I don’t know why so many is ready to have Rafe beheaded because Rafe is an old fashion “hero-type” man as soaps always had in the past. As far as the security box mystery well I had been enjoying this story until now, it’s plain ridiculous and much rather had them go with the original story Noel laid out. I think we are starting to see glimmers of Lisa as new EP direction, and the stories are going to be more out there. Yesterday’s episode was weak after having such a good week last week. Sami, calling the kettle black, she is railing Rafe for a kiss and she slept with EJ, what’s that about? I think they could have went in a whole different direction, with Sami being insecure and basically forgiving Rafe afraid of losing him and then Rafe discovers Sami’s duplicitous action and then Rafe leaves Sami. Are we going to start getting grade school level entertainment for the demos 12-17 now with the new direction & EP? Where we had been getting intelligent & adult quality entertainment with Noel? I think Ken has just fucked up with the change in EP! :((

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    I haven’t gotten to see yesterday’s episode yet Harlee but I might just have a little imput here. I think anything to do with boys and Carrie will always take Sami back to highschool. Ya know there are certain events in our lives that are trauma for us and if something repeats on us, it is like we are right back in that same spot. I think that is what is happening with Sami about Carrie. This isn’t about Rafe. This is all about her messed up relationship with her sister. So if she reverts to highschool, that sounds about right to me. As far as Lisa’s influence on the show for good or bad, I am just hoping it’s for the better. However the opening of the box and what was in that envelope was NOT a good start. In fact it is just a big let down. That barely qualifies as a surprise let alone something that could “break the family apart”. And certainly not irreparable. A good lawyer and a couple of spiffy weddings and all is fixed!

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