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    Today we remember the death 14 years ago of Michael Stone Cates. Who rocketed on to GH w/heart, soul and sexiness in the form of Michael Sutton and who stole the heart of our Robin, gave us his best friend Michael Corinthos and educated us on the true honesty and bravery it takes to live and die w/grace.

    GH created a s/line that lives on and still is used in classrooms. A s/line that is one of the most Youtubed and that if you ask for a fave Gh character, storyline or death that impacted you as a fan always gets the response Stone. It gave us the fab Nurse’s ball {wish we could have those back} and created a 14 year living w/HIV character in Robin who shows you everyday that the education is not over and the lessons learned are a daily thing,

    what’s your fave Stone moment or s/line? Did the s/line open your heart or mind? did it prompt a discussion from your parent or for you to use to have that discussion w/your child? Do you wish GH today told more stories in this style then the current adventure /mob based ones?

    Fave Scenes for me: Sonny’s "Rocky" speech to Stone in the hospital. The memory book. Sonny to Stone’ "your my brother.", Robin in the Light; "I can see you." and Sonny’s final words;"He’s okay! Now ,He’s okay!"

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    I know. I am a day late now. But I miss Stone. I miss him everyday, everyday I see Robin on screen. Everytime I realize that Robin got everything she ever dreamed of.

    The lovestory of Robin and Stone is the most powerful lovestory I’ve seen to date. My favorite moments are probably his death, Robin telling him she got HIV, and the memorybook scene. And of course NB96 even if that was more "after" the story was over.

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    I wonder why the actor hasnt worked in soaps since.  Real shame.

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    That was back in the day when GH could tell a story that really meant something. the writers and the actors just seemed to put more heart in to everything they did.

    I was 13,  I hated coming home from school seeing my moms stupid shows on the tv. But Robin and Stone had this way of reaching and and grabbing anyone that looked at the screen. I loved their story.

    "Robin, I can see you!"

    Ok,  gonna go cry now.

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     I think Michael Sutton is a club owner now. He may have quit acting all together.

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