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    Oh these three veteran actors are so much fun! Love the barbs today.

    Victor -Home made eggnog, what a treat. ……heavy on the bourbone isn’t it?
    Vivian- Only 5 cups.
    Victor -Oh, is that all?
    Vivian -Get you in the spirit of the hollidays.
    Victor -Get you plastered you mean.
    enter Kate
    OMG it’s true….. you’ve really have lost your mind haven’t you Victor?

    sees sunglassed Victor….
    Kate – Don’t tell me she abusing you already?
    Vivian – It was a skaking accident.
    Kate- Ah…did you run over him with a zamboni?

    Kate and Vivian trade barbs fight over Philip while Victor looks back and forth at them enjoying it tremendously.
    Victor – Ladies, ladies please, it’s the holliday season let’s try to stay in the spirit and not be so……bitchy.

    The ladies fight some more….Victor excuses himself to get more eggnog! John Aniston is a riot!
    The ladies continue fighting about Philip and rehash the stolen embro story for the fans that don’t know why they hate each other. Kate threatens tis the season to kick Vivian’s but to the curb.

    kate – I’m going home.
    Vivian – What! Not to jail?
    Kate – What are you talking about?
    Vivian – Well I got a little chirp all of Salem is a twitter with the fact that Stephano Dimera is behind bars.

    All this and a twitter reference too! I hope someone is putting this on you tube.

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    Yep you gotta love that threesome!

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