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    Looking at daytime in its past, present and future. List 3 things you love about daytime and 3 things you hate about it, that it can improve on.

    LOVE IT!
    -The first thing I love about daytime is the ability to explore characters and all their idiocracies over a long period of time.
    -The second thing I love about daytime is that you have had some writers that give the Hollywoods greats a run for their money. Agnes, Bill, Lorraine, Sally, Kay, Claire and Douglas are just the gems of an industry that has been around more than 7 decades. They’ve taught me how to write and helped to spur my interested in scripted television.
    -The third thing I love about daytime is that they have produced some stellar actors and actresses. From Victoria Rowell, Debbie Morgan, Susan Flannery, Kim Zimmer, Colleen Zink Pinter, Renee Jones, Leslie Charlson, Erika Slezak, Robbin Strasser, Katherine Kelly Lang to Keith Hamilton Cobb, James Reynolds, Joe Mascolo, David Canary, Roger Howarth, Robert Newman, James Scott, Maurice Benard, Darnell Williams Eric Braden and Tony Geary. Just a list that could go on.

    -When people use daytime like it’s acting class and you have to watch people who think they can act or want to act unsuccessfully learn the craft. Even worse is that some of them go on to be (cough Drake) stars (cough Ron) of the genre. As someone who acts and writes on the side of my career this just bugs me to no end.
    -Bad Head Writers. They just come in and take over your show and the next thing you know the ratings are in toilet, your favorite character talking about Depends Undergarments and Pert Plus and they have totally rewritten entire histories or going back to badly updated classics.
    -When sci-fi meets daytime davy goes bye bye. Enough said.

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    3 things I LOVE about daytime?

    1.) The presence of sparkling divas such as Susan Lucci, Jess Walton, Erika Slezak, Constance Towers, Robin Strasser and Jeanne Cooper, who constantly mesmerize me with their class and talent. It’s simply a shame that so many others are no longer with us, or have retired from the industry, or been retired due to ageism. I miss the Linda Danos, Lynn Herrings, Colleen Zenks and Elizabeth Hubbards. Speaking of Elizabeth Hubbard, when is she coming back to daytime? Off topic for a second there……. ;)

    2.) There is growing diversity on all the soaps and more minority characters being cast with each passing day, yet sadly, most of them are being played by subpar and/or annoying actors who I can’t stand. Still, some progress is better than none.

    3.) *****drawing a blank**************The presence of soap blogging groups where I can argue with, debate and when appropriate, cuss out other soap viewers. Okay, upon further thought, I have a REAL third choice….. Lorraine Broderick is back where she belongs in daytime, headwriting AMC. I can’t help but wonder if AMC could have been saved from cancellation if she’d been writing this show over the past 5 years, instead of Killer Kreizman, Esensten, Pratt(less!), Brown and Swajeski? I guess we will never know? But her character-driven stories that honor history and give characters and acting that are WORTHY of their talents, has been missing on this show for a LONG time. Seriously, I hadn’t truly been enjoying AMC since 2004. Friday’s episode was the FIRST episode in years where I didn’t turn the channel ONCE.

    3 things I HATE about daytime?

    1.) My favorite soap actress of all time, Victoria Rowell, is being denied her RIGHT to return to Y&R to accommodate those pampered, spoiled, self-entitled, overrated, meglomaniac heifers Christel Khalil and Michelle Stafford, who play two of the most loathsome characters in daytime. Seriously, if I had my way, Michelle and Christel would be OUT and Victoria would be IN.

    2.) Talentless actors who get free passes and job security. Daniel Goddard, Andrew Trischitta and half the teenage and 20-somethings on OLTL come to mind. I am tired of these losers cluttering my screen. They haven’t taken the time to go to acting school to perfect their craft, and I am FORCED to watch them learn how to act onscreen, which they never seem to do. Oh and add Denise Vasi and that non-acting heifer who plays Eden on Y&R to the list as well. Why am I supposed to care again? And by the way, if they fired Daniel Goddard’s pointless butt, they could free up MORE money over at Y&R!! Worthless character. Overrrated actor.

    3.) Maria Bell dragging Y&R into the ground with her horrific writing and character assassinations. Seriously, I have to strain my brain to think of more than THREE characters who haven’t been compromised, dumbed down or otherwise ruined. characters like Katherine, Sharon, SyPhyllis, Chloe, Adam, Victor and even Jill have been written HORRIBLY out of character from what I have seen them develop and grow into over the past 18 years of viewing this show. The writing is devoid of any real originality, subjecting us to numerous back from the deads, faked deaths and other forms of foolishness. I could go on, but I don’t think I need to. Anyone who watches can probably add to my list because honestly right now I am tired and ready for bed, so my mind is not 100%, but Y&R is not what it once was, and I think all long-term viewers can attest to that reality.


    @alstonboy: We agree on all accords with this list that you made. Give us our Dru back and kick Maria to the wind. She is just a joke and makes LML look better by comparison every day!

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    Knowing and loving characters and families for decades. The Hortons, Dimeras, Cory’s and Frames, Capwells, Newmans, Abbotts, Chancelors, Hughes, Bauers, and many others. These families feel like my own. I have been happy to be a part of their lives (even though I am on this end of the screen I feel as if I am one of them!).
    Sparking my imagination. Soaps makes me want to be creative and express what is inside of me. I think everyone of us is a secret soap writer ready to burst forth
    When a soap is good, it takes me away for an hour and takes my mind off my own woes. Only good entertainment can do that. It also may help me with conflicts in my own life. If such and such can move on with their life, maybe I can too after a bad event.
    Sharing happiness and grief with a show. Seldomly do we invest into characters on another type of show that when a cast member dies or even just has a baby, we feel like we have lost our own. Frances Reid for example. Or Douglas Watson. I felt grief at their passings (and others) just as if I had known these people.
    I hate when someone works in this industry and does not love and respect it. They treat it like a second class job and it shows. Whether it be a writer or an actor or the producer or execs at the network. If the soap is just a show or even an embarassment to that person, the show suffers. In fact that is what has been wrong with soaps for the last two decades. Too many people treating this like a first stop in their careers. Too many people not respecting what they are doing.

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    1. Bill Bell for giving me my two favorite soaps of all time Y&R and B&B.
    2. Daytime Confidential. I discovered this site when they did their first interview with Victoria Rowell and have never left! DC is the only online daytime site that I post on and I enjoy it.
    3. Thanks to stars like Eric Braeden and Victoria Rowell who don’t toe the company line and keep it real with us whether we like it or not. I hate that daytime likes to sugarcoat everything like it’s one big happy family when we know it’s not all like that. After finishing Kim Zimmer’s book I was very disappointed that she only seemed to “dislike” Ellen Wheeler at Guiding Light when we all know that ain’t the only person that she bumped heads with.


    1. Diversity is a joke on daytime. It’s sad for me to say that I am willing to bet that the soaps of the 80s and 90s were more diverse and actually used the minorities actors in storylines and they weren’t brought out two times a month (yes you Y&R). I believe this is one of the major reasons daytime is failing. You would honestly think it was 1960 looking at most soaps today instead of 2011.
    2. Too many eggs in one basket. Y&R has three headwriters, CBS and Sony trying to tell the story of one soap and all that leaves us fans with is ONE BIG HEADACHE! I think this has affected the ABC soaps as well. Brian Frons anyone….
    3. Recycling of writers. It’s a sin and shame that headwriters, script and breakdown writers just interchange on these shows like it’s nobody’s business. The recycling and reusing writers isn’t working. Let’s get a fresh perspective from a headwriter/breakdown writers/script writers who are fans of the show and know the show’s history and aren’t just trying to collect a paycheck.


    @Smitty: I agree with everything you said here on diversity. I’ll add that it often pisses me off when diversity is discussed (and I’m going to keep it real) by people like Carolyn H. or Sara Bibel. Neither seems to get the issue wholly.

    For Carolyn she always protest that since soaps are steeped in history and families that span decades that it is hard to introduce a black family or more diverse characters, yet only a new soap can do this. Is she kidding? Bill Bell created the Newman’s and expanded the Abbott’s in the 80’s and successfully added the Winter’s and Barber clans in the 90’s. Also AMC successfully expanded the Hubbard and Baxter clans which turned into just the Hubbards. They also had the popular Fryes, Santos, and Keefers in the 90’s. GL had a good thing going with the Grants. Days has the Carvers (albeit underused) and the Vegas and Gannons the most popular non-white families since the Gray’s. So I don’t where she gets this idea from. You just have to WRITE for them and you have some thing there.

    For Sara she seems not to like Victoria Rowell as one could tell from the piece she once wrote. Also her comments on that diversity podcast that should have been 2 hours where Jamey was also a guest commentator, she didn’t think it was about diversity in numbers as much as it was casting actors that hit the mark. The problem with this was that for white actors there are a plethora of opportunities to get cast in daytime to see if your character or the actor will work? So for POC’s you can’t get to figuring out who will and who will not work if you don’t get the equally casting opportunities to sink or swim.


    @marknsprmo: You got that right. Just getting anybody who has a Hollywood resume doesn’t always translate to good soap. Or people who want to collect a check and think fans will accept whatever they put on screen because it is a soap and they thing “anything goes.”

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    @david46208 yep I couldn’t agree more with you about those two soap journalists.

    Sara Bibel ticked me off when she wrote that article about Victoria Rowell. It’s like she’s still pissed that Victoria left with a short notice but Victoria Rowell did what her contract allowed her to do. She had an out and she exercised it. Why be bitter? Doesn’t look good.

    Reading Carolyn Hinsey’s book a couple weeks ago I hate how she pretty much said Y&R’s success with the black cast was because of Shemar Moore when there’s more to it then just him.

    I think writing for any minority character should be just the same but to add some authenity (sp?) to it you must have an actor like Shemar Moore, Victoria Rowell or Darnell Williams to add that extra flavor to what’s being written. This can be achieved by adding in a mixture of writers from different backgrounds and races.

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    I remember when the Bourdeaux family was introduced on Guiding Light. They were a breathe of fresh air and GL got a lot of praise for effortless integrating the Bordeauz family into fictional Springfield, IL.

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    Sarah Bibel needs to get her ass somewhere and sat down!!! That is all. Totally agree, Smitty!!!

    the thoery of opposites
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    Three things I love:

    1. Getting to watch 5 days a week.
    2. Speculating, celebrating, and commiserating with my sister about
    story lines and characters.
    3. My favorite male soap stars/characters Peter Bergman/Jack
    Abbott and Billy Miller/Billy Abbott, and my favorite female
    soap star/character Maura West/Diane Jenkins (still hoping it’s
    all a dream and she’ll be back soon).

    Three things I hate:

    1. The “fakeness” (for lack of a better word) of events and situations that could be more authentic. Case and point: Sharon in jail dropping a quarter in the pay phone to make a phone call to someone’s cell phone, and her hair all of a sudden getting darkened and streaked with highlights. First of all, how long has it been since a payphone costs a quarter? Second, do they let inmates have change in jail now? Third, it is my understanding that only landlines can be reached from correctional institutes. Fourth, did she do the dye job herself, or did another inmate do it for her? I guess only her hair dresser knows for sure!!!
    2. My soaps being preempted for tennis, politics, etc.
    3. Eric Braden/Victor Newman.

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